RECAP: Worlds AIDS Day 2011

As mentioned in my Pre-Post, DECEMBER 1 is WORLDS AIDS DAY! I'm happy to be invited to this event because I want to bring my blog to the next level by being involved and sending out a positive/informative message for our community! 

The event took place at Toronto's L'Oreal Academy! It's super cool to be here! =))

First thing at 10 in the morning, we arrived and we sat down for the Press Conference!
The above is a photo I took with my phone, I think it's one of the most important message I got out of the presentation. It's what everyone, both you and I, can do! 

After the Press Conference, we were provided with a light lunch! 
There were two options, vegetarian and the below......

I usually enjoy myself whenever events feeds me :) Salads suits me the best =))

Yum yum, but being the big eater that I am, I really should've ate another one. hahahahah
I'm such a pig!

The T-shirt!

After lunch, we were grouped into teams to film a 2-3 minutes video to spread the message for World AIDS Day and its initiatives! 
I was paired with 4 hairdressers and we went around the L'Oreal Academy to find places to film our video. Each team are provided an iPad to film! Since there's no iMovie on the provided iPad, we tried our best to film everything in one shot!

This is how the Biotherm classroom looked like. 
We loved the lighting here but figured we didn't want to have a classroom feeling. 

Continuing to the other side of the Biotherm room, gosh, isn't this place pretty? Anyway, we also didn't film here. 

We moved onto to the Redken/Matrix room, we wanted to bring back the focus to Hairdressers Against AIDS, so we decided to film here despite not having a extremely good light =P

After two hours, we were finally done filming! It was really fun to work with my team and it's nice to talk to hairdressers and how they enjoy their work! 
By the way, I have the final video at the end of this post! :) 

Myself and Alicia from (FunnyFaceBeauty)

We then gathered back in the main room so we can all take a look at every team's videos.

hehe, a snapshot of my team's video being aired!

I decided to upload the video on my Charity Channel instead of my main channel because it's for a Charity!