YAY! New Watermark for SparklyPlayground.com!

I get super duper excited whenever something new and exciting is made for my blog! Especially when it's custom made =))

So the other day I was on twitter saying I need some help with my blog's watermark and I got a sweet reply from Krista! She's a friend and reader and also a superb Graphic Designer!

My last watermark looked like this:

There's really not a big problem with it other than the fact that I'm growing bored of the STAMP feel. By the way, it's made by the boyfriend. Considering he had no background in graphic designing, let's give him a pat on the back. haha. Another thing is, the URL on this watermark was so small and crashed with the background (mostly white).

So, when people find this photo somewhere else, they don't know to come back to my blog

totally a problem #!#!@$@!#!@
*self-promotion purposes*

What else is a bugger? hmm, my name is probably not well known so even when you see Miss Jayce, chances are people can't find me. Again, self-promotion problem!

I can keep going on and on with many reasons. =)

So, Krista talked to me on Facebook chat, I'm pretty sure she will reply on email really fast with her clients but like I said, I knew her personally so we just made this super simple by chatting in real time.

I can honestly say, I'm pleased with her professionalism right away. Check out our early conversation picture below:

Krista starts by observing my blog, which is making me happy already. As a blogger, obviously, it makes us happy when we hear that people READ our blogs. And she does just that. She gets the feel/style of my blog. =)

We started with the basics of what I want which is sparkles, hearts, girly things!

To be honest, I'm not too good with describing what I want except basically those 3 words in every synonym possible. I also had one criteria which was "i just dont want anything squarish like my crown one, and not holocaust tattoo one line stuff."

She then began to work out the text and colours.

But, even with the above two, I still couldn't describe how the image might turn out? FAIL on my part.

So I showed her an example and some drawings.

(Recall my New Layout Post here)

Here, I think I got a bit stuck.. not that creative clearly. It kinda resembled like a stamp again like my previous watermark. I really do like the idea of a glowing crown-ish thing that wraps the words. You know, the Disney glow you see right before a Disney movie starts?

Then, here comes along this 2nd drawing because I felt like I'm losing my mind about the stamp thing. I tried to put a crown to the little corner and had a heart on the S.. resembling, wearing my heart on a Sleeve?

Yea, I'm nowhere near artsy okay? I only envision things...... even that's a stretch HAHAHA.

You have to see how it turned out AHH, sooo goooood! *step by step*

Krista then presented her next piece!

Notice the number of options she always provides?
All the crown shapes I can choose, and the font style from above!

Within MINUTES, she made even more!

This was all via Facebook messages and it was like notification-bomb. Speed with Efficiency, me LOVEE!

This is when I started spending more and more time analyzing! 
I know we're getting to the masterpiece really soon!

1) I love the little sparkles because that reminds me of the recipe from Professor X in the PowerPuff Girls

My other comments *quoted*:
2) I love love the little crown on the D, I LOVE That, soooo cute! omg.
3) I also love the crown on the S, but it might feel like too much crowns? ahh im feeling greedy, because it's soo pretty. But I don't want to have a crown overload
4) In terms of the crown color, i think the pink helps tie it to the whole pink theme? but the purple gives me a disney princess feel. so i cant really decide
5) The emphasized star on the S is prettyyy
6) I really like the pink white pink font color.
7) Is it possible to have a heart dangle charm thing hanging on a letter on the S?

I'm a really picky person and I have high expectations and honestly, I can't ask for more from Krista because she's EXTREMELY attentive to details. I raised a few other concerns and basically she typed the same thing as I was typing. Meaning, she thought of that already. 
Isnt that wonderful? I would hate to keep explaining myself and repeating things over and over =)

BOOM, and she did a few more. SO MANY OPTIONS. LOVE LOVE

She drew in the HEART DANGLE!! 



It came out soooooooo much better than my drawings right?!?!? LOL

Anyway, just in case you're thinking: She's your friend so obviously you're promoting hardcore for her.
Well, it was actually because I had a comparison of a HORRIBLE experience with the whole online/graphic/web design experience.

I actually recently bought a WagJag deal on web designing because I wanted to get my online store going (I used to sell on Facebook before I even blogged) but it was such a NIGHTMARE. Long story short, the owner of the web design company was a straight up business man. He doesn't understand the concept I want, he counts the hours PRECISELY more like minutes and I mean, even just the phone call was like BAM BAM BAM. He had no patience, assumes things and everything was by the dollar. By the way, this was still just the talking part, he and his team didn't even write a line of design yet. 

I'm so annoyed by his service, I'm still working out the refund with WagJag right now. 

With that said, in comparison, obviously what Krista has to offer is beyond my expectations.
And honestly, is there anything I can complain about? It's off the HOOK =DDDD

It's currently under construction, I did look at her portfolio before and it's superb.


ps, if you see my posts still using the old watermark, it's simply because I edit all my photos WAY before I actually post them. For example, I have more than 15 products all edited just haven't posted. Nonetheless, I will be editing my photos with the new watermark! *heavenly*