Pre-IMATS: Donut Friday with Pursebuzz and EnKoreMakeUp

On the Friday before the official IMATS Toronto weekend started, Elessa and Koren has a meet up/get together at Nature's Own Cosmetics Company Inc. (80 Penn Drive, Toronto, Ont., M9L 2A9) It's my first time going to this venue and actually meeting them in person. I was quite excited. The event was posted on Pursebuzz's Facebook Event Page and it was first come first serve to RSVP. They were talking about it on Koren's youtube channel too so I was pretty hyped about it =)

Once I got there, I started filming. My bf was nice enough to come with me that night so he did most of the photo taking.

I was quite interested in the nail products there because I'm always looking out for salon sized goods for my basement nail studio :) 

I find this so pretty. For the love of make up, I would love to hang these in my house! haha

Filming and filming :)

These are practise fingers for nail techs. 

We were served with coffer and tea, water, juice and snacks! Cute cupcakes!

They had a wide range of brush rolls. I've been to many beauty supply stores but haven't seen this much variety of brush rolls as this one. 

There were a large range of Red Cherry lashes there, here are the two that caught my attention most.

Perfect for a Halloween tutorial and witchy look! :) 

I ended up getting these because I JUST HAVE TO HAVE THEM =)! 

Elessa was launching her Pursebuzz shop with cute accessories. I'm a lover of bling bling, check out her stuff! 

At the event, Koren did a small demonstration class. He taught so many great techniques and introduced some products I've never seen before. I truly enjoyed myself. Make sure to check out my video below to catch a few tricks =) 

At the event, I talked with a fellow attendee. Her name is Tara, she came all the way from Buffalo, USA. What a crazy mission for Toronto IMATS! Nice to meet you :) 

Elessa and I

I'm so happy to have met Elessa in person. She's the first make up guru I watched on YouTube. If any of you actually checked my youtube channel, I joined about the same time when she had started posting videos. I watched her all the way from when she had the blonde streaks hair and filming on her webcam  to now. It's such a journey! 

Koren and I

Love his videos, he's just so informative (straight to the point) and experienced. If I actually don't know anything, I search through his videos!

Kevin James Bennett and I
He has such a great sense of humor! Wonderful to hang out with he had insightful tips during Koren's demonstration (especially on anti-aging, something I'm super interested in)!  
Ps, he likes my shoes and style :) YAY!

Video Coverage:

Outfit of the Day:
I'm pretty sure from the pictures above you can basically see what I was wearing, minus the shoes.

Here are the shoes I wore - Sam Edelman Rosa in Ruby Red
I got so many compliments on them. Thank you! 
I got them from Petite Feet Designer Sale.

Polka Dot Top from Trinity Fashion
Faux Fur Vest from Bebe
Wool Hat from IZZUE HK
Jeans from Forever21
Gel nails by yours truly ;)