Lisa's Cosmetics Sale Christmas 2011 + Haul

Video Coverage!

I decided to do a video coverage this time around since I did a really photo heavy post last time. You can have a look at the previous sale here.

Thank you Farah for allowing myself and Emily be exclusive bloggers for the event. 
Truly appreciate it!


 SAT 9-6PM; SUN 10-6PM; MON, TUE, FRI 10-8PM

1380 Rodick Rd, Markham, ON CANADA L3R 4G5

My Haul:
Stain to Go x 2 $0.99
Annabelle Eye Makeup Remover Cloths x 2 $0.99
Annabelle Pigment Palette x 2 $1.99
NYC Make Up Bronzer $0.49
Cargo Holiday Nights Collection $9.99
Cargo Catwalk Set $9.99

Total after taxes: $32.10!
I saved $99.36!!! 

I am really really happy with the CARGO palettes. I can't really express my happiness, maybe it's the first time I got my hands on this brand at warehouse prices! :) The other two I'm really happy about is the Annabelle Makeup remover clothes, I tried a similar type at the Annabelle Launch last week and thought it worked well. These would come handy when I go on mini trips. Also the Annabelle Pigment palettes are perfect for users like me who NEVER finishes the big pots. It gives you a decent amount so you can really play with colours without breaking the bank! 

I always go to Lisa's Cosmetics Sale with my mom because I find it like a Mom-daughter bonding moment :) She tried some of my Marcelle items and she wanted to try more so you can clearly see that was on her list. She also got more household items, obviously LOL! 

My Mom's Haul:
Marcelle Starter Kit $5.00
Marcelle Revival Duo Day+Night $10.00
Hair Colour $4.99
Garnier Shampoo/Conditioner x 3 $4.99
Marcelle Tonifying Lotion $5.00
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream $9.00
Sally Hansen Nail Polish $0.99
Marcelle Day Cream + Foaming Cleanser $6.00
Lacross Eyelash Curler $1.49

Total after taxes: $64.91!
She saved $112.16!!! 

The highlight of this sale would have to be having CARGO Cosmetics. The owner gave me a heads up since the last sale, but since nothing was firmed yet and I was told to keep it a secret, I didn't say anything. I definitely ran to the CARGO corner when I arrived though! Super excited for it!
Please let me know in your comments whether there are still any left!