Toronto Fashion Week Day 2: Outfit, Wine Tasting, GregoryGorgeous, GUU

Forever 21 Navy Blue Knitted Sweater
Hong Kong Zebra Sequins Dress
Fur Jacket
Louis Vutton Vintage Bag (Mom handed down)
Hong Kong Shoes
American Apparel Leggings
DIY Blinged Ribbon Necklace
Ardene Gold Sequen Ribbon Hair Clip

October 18th 2011

The most anticipated show for me today was the Mercedes Benz StartUp. So in between time, I popped by Port and Douro Wines Tasting Event. Thank you Megan from The Nationals for inviting me. I did go quite late with all the craziness at LGFW so I missed the Vaughan Mills team *super sadface*

I did manage to catch up a bit with Jeffrey! Here's a picture of us! =)

At the Port, I found my favourite wine. Now, I just gotta find it at LCBO =) It would be a great addition to my collection :) I can't wait to share it with friends and family for the holidays!

For the Joe Fresh show, unfortunately it was over capacity. I saw GregoryGorgeous in line and didn't get in just like I did. Anyway, so I thought I'll just go up and say HI :)

On my way out to get our car, I was passing by Roy Thompson Hall and saw a friend so we chatted a bit. Turns out she was there for an event called "Eat to the Beat", which is a fundraising gala for Willow Breast Cancer Support Canada. It features over 60 of Canada’s finest female chefs – all gathered in support of Willow’s free programs and services. Check out the picture below, they are ladies giving out freebies at the exit. I LOVE their costumes!! So cute!!!

Seaweed Salad and Spicy Ribs I think. I cant remember the second dish's name.

I've always wanted to try out GUU, and honestly seeing so many friends on Facebook going there and reading Shirley's post on it just makes me DESPERATE in going. So I went to the one on Church Street. I LOVE IT! I went to the section where you have to take off your shoes. The customer service in there is JUST like the restaurants my bf and I were at when we visited Tokyo back in 2009. I'm having my birthday dinner there! Hopefully don't have to wait too long since they don't do reservations. *fingers crossed*

Whoa, lengthy post! Thanks for dropping by!
Upcoming: Mercedes Benz Start Up