Toronto Fashion Week Day 1: Outfit of the Day

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I haven't been updating! I was lacking so much sleep with both school and fashion week! It's been really crazy and honestly it's amazing to experience it all! My day basically consisted of going to school, cramming assignments, and coop interviews then going home to change for fashion shows and running around downtown Toronto to catch events! I had an average of 3 hours of sleep every night but fashion gives me this adrenaline, quite exhilarating! =)

Leather Jacket - Danier
Knitted Sweater - Mom's Handmade
Wine Colour Fur Scarf - Mom's, she got it from Shanghai
Plum Lace Scarf worn as Hair Accessary - Mom's she got it from Shanghai
Furry Bag - HM
Wedges/Booties - Sam Edelman
Earrings - Aldo

I promised you a story from my last post so here it is!

On the first day of Fashion Week, probably because I didn't know what to expect, not only do I look clumsy but I probably was clumsy. I picked up my Media Pass, carried a purse, a DSLR, a camcorder and was in 5 inch heels. I was carrying SO many things on me and seriously it was super overwhelming! While I was in the Holt Renfrew Private Reception, I was chatting and getting my picture taken at the booth, I felt a "snatch". Since it was one of the most PACKED (like no personal space at all) rooms at the moment, I ignored it. The next minute, I realized I didn't have my Media Pass with me. I was in total panic!!

Here's a close up to what I did to my hair and the scarf.

I searched everywhere and it was no where to be found. The Media Pass is like the ultimate everywhere access pass. This means, I will be missing honestly, every single show possible :( I was calling my bf and Michele and literally on the verge of crying, seriously. The not-so-glamorous side of fashion, and on the first day too! I went to talk with the PR girls there and showed them my email, told them my situation and had so many disgusting responses. Simply described, if you watched "The City", well yea I felt like I was completely surrounded by people like that.

Anyway, I still managed to get into Arthur Mendonca's show and also got in backstage to see Holt Renfrew's show go down. It was great!! For the first day of Fashion Week, I think I saw a lot more than others and learned a lot as well. :)

Freebies from Day 1 Toronto Fashion Week
Highlight would be the Candle from Holt Renfrew :)

That night, I emailed the PR team, I figured since it was the first day, that's probably why they were being b******. They provided me with a package of industry tickets, it's better than nothing but of course not all the privileges I would get compared to my Media Pass.

This is the Media Pass, well, when I still had it. 
I curse that he/she, who picked it up and never returned it to Lost and Found. 
I think I cursed them with a sick tummy all week so they would have to find a washroom every minute! 
*very grumpy indeed*

Upcoming: Arthur Mendonca's Show, and Holt Renfrew Backstage.