Blue Top from random boutique in Hong Kong
Sequins Bra from Sirens/Urban Planet (Can't remember which store I got it from, but I know they both carried it)
Black Lace Tube from Urban Behaviour
Snow Holo Shiny High Waist Legging from American Apparel (Hauled Here, Buy Here)
Beige Heels from Hong Kong (Hauled Here)
Vintage Dior Bag

It was Emily's birthday and it was definitely my pleasure to attend :)
We played games and had a feast! Nom nom! =D

My boyfriend, Emily and Michele all have pictures of me totally pigging out on Facebook, AHH.
Literally, mouth WIDE OPEN, Double Chins, Wrinkled Nose, Eyes Closed. 
Very Flattering Indeed. 

Ps, I can't believe I didn't have one picture with Michele!! 

So funny, for the longest time, we had to look for lighters! No one there was a smoker (we're all good kids, ha!) and at one point I swear I thought we weren't gunna have lighted candles for this pretty birthday cake LOL! Finally we borrowed her neighbor's lighter and lit these fun candles that had multi-colour flames! Funky right?!

We managed to snap a few pictures outside before the sun completely set. 
So crazy and this always happens -- I got the same party flavour as Emily! 
I bought it just because I thought it's cute and princesses represents her and when I got to her place I was like.. *GASP*! ♥♥♥
There were already a few occasion where she got me gifts that I was JUST about to get, its freaking awesome how we have such similar tastes :) ♥♥♥

After hanging out at her house, we went to Putting Edge, a Glow-in-the-Dark mini golfing experience!

I swear these leggings and shoes gave me at least 4 inches in this picture.
I look massively tall when I'm really quite average =P

Of course, I had to take a photo of this outfit with flash so you can see the holo effect for the leggings!

My favorite pair of heels right now. 
Trying to wear it more before it's too cold!

Slightly better close up of my necklace :) 
I haven't worn it in a while!
See here and here!

After playing mini golf and having Korean food for dinner, we went to a nearby park to play with sparklers! I havent played with these in a while! Such fun! And and and, I managed to use my super old and crappy digicam that has always failed me for pictures. Turns out it had a Fireworks mode and didn't fail me for the first time ever. Check it out below =))) 


Emily, Happy Birthday!!
- Joyce ♥