REVIEW: Melliesh Cheek Color

Left: #1 Elegant Rose  Right: #3 Dolly Pink

Here is the back of the bulky, flap packaging that it comes in. It also shows the retail price in Japan.

Left: The packaging of the actual item. Right: #3 Dolly Pink
The above photo is taken with flash, so the color looks a lot lighter than the actual item.

Left: #1 Elegant Rose Right: #3 Dolly Pink

What is this Product? (What it claims)
Melliesh is a Japanese Gyaru/Gal Cosmetic Brand produced by Yui Kanno, a former Popteen, current PopSister model. Melliesh along with Dolly Wink and Candy Doll are heavily features in Japanese magazines such as VIVI, Popteen and Jelly etc etc. Although on the package of the Melliesh item it says "produced by Yui Kanno", most magazines I've read says she's the spokesperson and face of the brand. I'm guessing she's both. Their line carries blushes, lipglosses, eyelashes and more. I will be reviewing their lipglosses in the upcoming posts.

Here are all the available colors for Melliesh Blushes:
(photo from
#1 - Elegant Rose "A bling bling pink"
#2 -  Baby Peach "Soft and light pure pink"
#3 - Dolly Pink "Pop and cute candy pink"
#4 - Sunset Orange "A healthy soft orange shade"
#5 - Kogao Brown for contouring 
#6 - Clear Lavender for highlighting

Directions of Use
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With the help of Google Translate, by the way, online translate sucks, but I'll reword a little. It says:
- Please do not use if something is wrong with your skin
- Please keep out of reach of children

Main Ingredients
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Talc, mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, Nylon -12, cetyl ethylhexanoate, diisostearyl malic acid, dimethicone, glyceryl isostearate, stearic acid, Mg, jojoba seed oil, hydroxide AI, silica, hyaluronic acid Na, tocopherol (HDI / Torimechiroruhekishirurakuton) Crosspolymer, 205 yellow, 226 red, methyl
(Translated by Google Translate)

(text from
Anyone noticed that there is Product Number? MECH-01-06. I'm guessing it's Melliesh+Cheek

Retail Price in Japan: ¥1365 JPY tax included.

$68 HKD ~ Approx $10 USD for one blush during a sale at Bonjour Hong Kong.
$20~25 CAD at Pacific Mall. I believe this was the price since Emily and I were there.

They are also available online. Here's a Price Comparison:
APopofKawaii: $21 USD Plus Shipping
PinkyParadise: $17.99 USD Plus Shipping ¥2150 JPY Including Shipping
Ebay: Approx. $18 CAD Including Shipping $16.11 CAD Plus Shipping

It's quite a story how I got these Melliesh Blushes. If you are interested, see this Melliesh Collection Post. It's at the bottom of that post.

I can't believe I had this post in "draft" for such a long time, it was originally "typed up" in Feb 2011. Must've been extremely busy! =(
As a Japanese cosmetic/skin care fan, I obviously love packaging!! The cheek colors comes in a plastic flap case as shown above. It is rather bulky to be honest. When I took these out of the plastic packaging, I simply said, "That's it?" I'm disappointed with the packaging of the actual product. It's plain with gold prints and still bulky with the plastic dome lid, I think it's unnecessary for it to be in a shape of a dome. Waste room in my make up bag, seriously! Well, at least the outer packaging made a very good impression on me with Pink Ribbons and Gold Lettering. *princessy*

Althought it's not heavily advertised (well, I can't really read Japanese) and I haven't seen bloggers mention this, check out the ingredients list! This product contains hyaluronic acid and jojoba seed oil! These two are usually my favourite ingredients to have in cosmetics/skincare!
If you don't know what they do, here's a simple break down (I'm a geek, I research ingredients list when I'm bored):
♥ Hyaluronic Acid ♥ moisturizes skin and prevents wrinkles
♥ jojoba seed oil ♥ organic, moisturizes skin, fast absorption and helps balance oil production of our skin
To be really honest, I hardly see Western cosmetics contain these sorts of ingredients in their make up, another reason why I love Japanese cosmetics!!

The blush itself is silky, smooth and soft making it blend extremely well. Although it's very silky, it is not chalky whatsoever! I also liked that they are not shimmery. I'm not a fan of shimmery pressed powder blushes. These blushes leaves a natural finish on my skin which is just perfect =) The pigmentation is just right as well, a swipe with my brush and I get the amount needed. Sometimes I would also tap the brush to get excess off. You don't need to build too much to get the color, afterall, most of these colors are light pinks so you achieve that dolly, cute kawaii look. Staying Power is good too, I actually didn't need to reapply!

I have tried higher end blushes and I think this blush is definitely comparable. If you are more interested in the color itself, I do think there are dupes out there by MAC, NARS, Bobbi Brown and Chanel. Well I think ELF has a few dupes of this too.

Overall: ♥♥♥♥♥
Product: 5/5 ♥ LOVE THEM!
Packaging: 4/5 ♥ Still kinda bulky.
Price: 5/5 ♥ A little pricy if you buy online or at Asian Malls but it's definitely worth it because of the quality, performance packaging and ingredients!