REVIEW: American Apparel Warehouse Sale 2011 Toronto

Yay!! The American Apparel Warehouse Sale is back in Toronto.

Exhibition Place:
Direct Energy Centre - Heritage Court (Exhibition Place)
100 Princes' Boulevard (Entrance on Nunavut Rd.)
Toronto, ON M6K 3C3

Dates and Times: 
Thursday, October 6: 9am to 9pm
Friday, October 7: 9am to 9pm
Saturday, October 8: 9am to 9pm
Sunday, October 9: 9am to 9pm
Monday, October 10: 9am to 9pm

I actually didn't go to the one in 2009 so I can't really compare.
I went on Thursday the first day at around 5PM and left at around 7:40PM, people were still coming in. I didn't see any line ups though =)
I heard some girls around me say that the leggings selection wasn't enough, I personally thought it wasn't that bad. I really liked the selection there, and I had no problem finding my size (About an Extra Small to Small). On the Facebook Event, I saw many comments about not finding sizes and the selection sucks. For a first-timer to American Apparel, I actually liked what I saw. I didn't expect a lot to begin with because afterall it is just a warehouse sale. I wasn't expecting a lot of sizes either but I found everything I wanted so I'm not complaining. There's not only Small sizes theres lots of Mediums and Large as well. 

In the photos below, you're gunna see some of the items they had and of course it's not all. 
I mean, how can I take every item at the sale right? But I hope you have a good idea :)

You're bound to see some items in dust, broken threads, and dirt spots but that's expected. I also did see some items freshly in plastic bags indicating that it never even made it to the retail stores. Overall, I enjoyed myself. The prices are not low enough compared to the California AA outlets (ie, leggings for $8) but it's already much better than the retail price we had to pay here in Canada.

PS, parking is $13 just incase you were wondering =P
PPS, I have a photo of the price list in the post, scroll to the bottom! =)

At the Warehouse!

Thinking back now, I regret not getting these. 
They were see through and designed like jumpsuit pants, tight elastic at the bottom.

I thought these overalls were so cute! They also had grey, I just bought one in red for the heck of it =P

My boyfriend was so bored from waiting for me. 
I was wayy too amused by these shiny leggings. 
I LOVE THESE. I had to narrow to one color =(

I didn't see these hologram feel design in HK so I had to get one :)

Interesting leggings that I kept playing with.
They were highlighter yellow with interesting zippers on the side, and reminds me of two things.
1) Bruce Lee
2) People who direct traffic!

Pretty skirts that I was quite tempted to get =) 

The infamous bodysuits that I still didn't get even at $18 =P
yea, I starred my eyes because this picture showed my massive eyebags *big sigh

Around the cashiers, there are more little things where you can get, this is where I impulsively bought a nail polish, stocking, and a headband which I don't need. haha =P


Big Button Cardigan $20
Shiny Leggings $22
Headband $3
Red Cotton Overall Shorts $15
Nail Polish $3
Stockings in Packages $5

Gotta Love this ;)

I look forward to reading your comments if you dropped by the sale too!!