The Measuring Tape Girl Screening

Hey Everyone! This past Sunday, October 2nd, I was kindly invited by Chrissy from VOCAB Communications to check out The Measuring Tape Girl Screening at the National Film Board of Canada. It's pretty cool to be there since it's my first time ever =P The exact location is: 150 John St, Toronto.
The movie is about blogging, confidence and self-awareness. I find it quite interesting because the blogging aspect, I can totally relate. I've never sat in short film screenings before, quite an experience :)

The event was hosted by Casie Stewart (one of my Blogging Idols) so of course, after the screening, she talked about her blogging career and things like that. It was so awesome to finally hear her speak in person! Such an inspiration for me :) Got to have a few minutes with her and Jessica after, they were so down to earth. *happy*

After Casie spoke, wonderful ladies of Windfall talked to us about the organization itself and how it relates to the movie. Windfall is something totally new to me and it surprised me when I learned that "90% of donated clothing are actually not used/benefical". They are about distributing 100% new clothing and other basic items to those in need. It connects with the movie because its about confidence and having dignity. I'm pretty excited when it comes to charity work, please do check out their website here!

Casie, Me, Jessica Embro

ps, we got a mini goodie bag too! It was right on our seats =P

It had my fave Perrier water, generally I love carbonated water =) and those popchips are so darn addicting!!

Outfit post next! See you!