MACAU: The Daiso Store

It's been a while since I returned back to Toronto from my vacation.
Thanks to Dana, she reminded me in a blog comment to blog about my vacation!

I'm finally caught up with everything (school, job hunt, social life), So here in this post, I will bring you to Macau's Daiso store.
I will try my best to sort out my vacation pictures and videos so I can post most of them up :)

Last time when my boyfriend went to Vancouver, he helped me haul my beauty stuff (post here) but this time, you get to see pictures of the store.
Although it's a different location, but generally the same idea!
This particular one, has 4 floors, all underground. HOW FUN!!!

For the purpose of this blog, I'm only going to focus on Health and beauty items! :)
And as to my haul from here, that shall be another post :)

I knew they had foundations, but I never knew they made BB creams too. I find that some of these are packaged similarly to Missha.

These are again no names, but their packaging reminds me of Dolly Wink, Kate, and other Japanese Cosmetic brands.

How can I not have eyelashes in this post? I think I spent a good 10 minutes here to just admire it all. I had really good self control though =)

To my surprise, I found supplements here. Okay, I don't trust it as much as I would with Fancl and H2O, but I was really curious so I got one anyways to try. I never noticed they had these before, maybe I wasn't as into supplements as I am now.

Finally, the wrapping section just because, I just really wanted to include it in my post :) Daiso has a variety of items, its like a Dollarama but things are 10x the variety, 10x the crappy packaging and 10x more reliable. Dollarama's packaging are often very dusty or extremely dated, but in here things are new and kawaii! The Japan government are very strict with their health and safety guidelines, so even when it's a no name cosmetic or skincare, its not VERY likely to cause skin reactions. Though, me being extremely sensitive to ingredients, I still don't go nuts over their makeup and skincare. I do really like the random things like arts and crafts, totes, home decors etc :)