L'Oreal Paris: "Best Bold Eye Beauty" 2011 Blogger Contest

 As some of you probably know by now, I made it to Top 5 Finalist for .....
the L'Oreal Paris: "Best Bold Eye Beauty" 2011 Blogger Contest!!
L'Oreal Paris Canada Facebook Fan Page

They happened to have used my Youtube Video Thumbnail as that wall post's picture which is so cool! =P
Although, I made it to top 5, but the race to the top isn't over yet! :)
Please support me by voting, I will very much appreciate all your help!!


If you don't want to vote for me *sad face*, that's okay too. =P
 It's very subjective whether or not a finalist's video is your favourite.
So, do take a look at fellow finalists' tutorial videos!
L'Oreal Paris Canada's Youtube Channel created a Youtube Playlist for the Finalists' Videos.
Feel free to simply click the above picture, it will take you right there :)
If you're curious to who has entered to this contest, do check out Jill's Blog Post here where she gathered most, if not all, of the contestant's videos from Toronto!
So all this time, many of us has been asking for support, what do we really win? Let's break it down!
To win at the Finalist Judging, each video will get a score of 0-100 based on:
♥Makeup Artistry Skills (30%)
♥Final Look (30%)
♥Video Quality (15%)
♥Product branding/brand visibility (10%)
♥Audience comments and impressions from L'Oreal Paris Facebook Posings (15%)
*I really like how there's like a rubric, because ever since I was a little kid, I was never Miss Popular.
Prom Queen? more like Miss Wallpaper. LOL*
So yup, there's only going to be 1 Grand Prize Winner, and she will get:
♥The opportunity to work alongside the L'Oreal Paris beauty team to create runway makeup looks for one fashion show at LG Fashion Week in Oct 2011 (date/show -tbd)
♥VIP Access to blog backstage at LG Fashion Week.
♥A one-on-one make-up session with L'Oreal Paris Official Makeup Artist for Canada and Artistic Director for LG Fashion Week, Eddie Malter.
♥ The chance to be one of the first to gain insider tips ad the laterst trends in beauty and makeup for Spring 2012 from L'Oreal's top team of experts.
4 Finalists will get:
♥ L'Oreal Paris gift bags filled with beauty proucts valued at $200!
So what do you think??
I think there's really no "loser" in here. Everyone Wins! It's been wonderful to get to connect with other bloggers. I admit, I live in a shell and this contest allowed me to check out more beauty blogs and youtube channels from across Canada!
Even, if I happen to lose this contest, I still get to have goodie bags, which by the way, I intend on giving away most of them because I want to share it with my fellow blog readers and subbies on youtube. :)

Final Call...
for me :)