What Beauty Items to pack for a Carribbean Cruise

I've always wanted to share the stuff I pack for each trip but I never have the time to do it. I didn't do the Hong Kong and Macau trip. I told myself, no matter what, I have to do this one. However, please bare with me, especially the eye-sore triggering photo quality in this post! I only have two hours of sleep before I leave to the airport!! =((

Sunscreens! Note the SPF 130! hahah

BB Creams, Foundations, Powder, Loose Powders


Blushes, Cream Eyeshadwos, Pressed Eyeshadows

Eye Pencils, Lipglosses, Lipsticks, Mascaras

Since the photo quality is bizarre, feel free to comment if you can't see any item(s). I'll reply as I go to the airport! I usually pack according to trip. Since I'm imagining hot climates, sunlight everywhere and water activities, most items are high in SPF and waterproof =) I left out most of the skincare because they are all in little pots and bottles so I figured, that isn't gunna be much help =P