A Warm Welcome Home

A few days ago, I returned back to Toronto. Home sweet home. What's sweeter is... to find new goodies to play with! Although I just returned, I'm actually leaving in a few hours. I'm flying to Florida to go on a Carribbean cruise with my best friend (and her family) and my family! I think added together, we have almost 60 people together. It's a HUGE family event for sure.

So within the 3 days I stayed in Toronto, I bascially was on a crazy countdown. There were so much to do!! I unpacked all my stuff from Hong Kong (I still don't know how I fitted everything in there, I'm not even done with my HK haul posts).

I also finished all the paperwork for my new school. Yup, I recently got accepted to Seneca for a graduate certificate program with co-op. I'm hoping to get my CHRP soon :) When I applied to the school, they said only 24 of the 2000+ applicants can get a coop option in the program. So, I feel quite fortunate to have been selected, the hardwork surely paid off :)

I then started to pack for the cruise, which I will briefly show in the next post. =)

Let's see what I saw when I got home!!!! =))
Some of Annabelle and Marcelle's newly launched items.

Lots of outstanding eyeliners! I can't wait! Super glad they popped in a skincare product in there, I am always running out of hydrating gels! Thank you Isabel, always paying attention to details *so sweet*!
I already started taking pictures of all the swatches. The colours were VERY vibrant and so easy to glide on so they wont scratch our delicate skin around our eyes. Some of these liners claims to be waterproof, so I decided to bring them to the cruise to fully test them out!
 I'm such a dedicated blogger riiiiight?
*Shamelessly vain* hahahhaa
Following is....
The items that were used on me from the L'Oreal Luminato Event!
I bet many fellow beauty bloggers probably received this way earlier than me, but since I was away in Hong Kong, I finally got to see what they had prepared for us. I'm so thankful, honestly! I think Cowen & Company and L'Oreal are very very generous. On the day of Luminato, we already received a little goodie bag along with a men's skincare kit for our guest. Then later, they also sent us a box filled with goodies of their newly launched items!
Now, I can totally recreate the look that was done on me! *FIERCE BABY*

Entire Nutri-Sleek line, I'm TRES excited!

Do they read minds? I've been wanting the Face primer since I found a sample in a magazine (which was like forever ago)! I never got around to finishing my current one so I didn't budge. and SUPRISE! =)

The Contest kit for L'Oreal Paris' Bold Eye Beauty Blogger Contest!


Basically we are to make a video on Youtube or blog about a look created by these products!
There's a bunch of rules and stuff which (pst, I havent read yet) but I do know the deadline is September 12, 2011. I'm pretty sure I'll finally have an idea of what I want to do once I come back from my cruise on Sept 4th. :)
To win, my entry will be judged by all the big, and talented people which hasn't been all formally named yet and of course YOU!! Hopefully I will have your support :)! I'm sure there are so many talented people out there so I'll just have fun with the process :)
More details later! Enjoy Life!

Feeling Blessed and Thankful,