Hong Kong Mong Kok Yum Yum

I only found this place from a magazine feature. Me and my friend, San, took forever to find this place since we're not very familiar with streets in Hong Kong.

This is their menu. There are preset flavours, and you can also choose your own flavours to  mix and match.

A picture of me and San. See that poster there? That's their magazine feature!

Information, you can also find them on Facebook here

My Froyo (Frozen Yogurt) 
I chose a Large size with 3 toppings $35 HKD. 
Pineapple, Kiwi, Raspberry with Blueberry sauce. The yogurt itself is a special blend created by the owners. It was soooooooo good. It's perfect to cool down yourself in this crazy heat. 
The owner, super cute by the way, also offered us some samples of the Green Tea and Chocolate flavour. *Many thanks* 
Yummiest thing ever. Highly Recommend you to try =)

I went hardcore shopping with San afterwards and then eventually its yum yum time again. I went to Miyazaki for Japanese Barbecue. It's basically like Korean BBQ but Japanese version. 

Miyazaki 宮崎日式燒肉店

Shop A, Basement, Two Grand Tower, 639 Nathan Road, Mong Kok

Raw Food. You order from a scantron sheet to order. Just like how you do it at any Korean BBQ.
They marinate food like Japanese flavours and there are lots of seafood :)

Cooked =)

Look how huge my shrimp is!
Overall, I think it's quite average. I didn't think it was extraordinary but it's interesting since I've never tried Japanese BBQ before. 
I don't think it's THAT different from Korean BBQ though. 

White dress from my sister.
Denim Vest from Urban Planet 
Forever 21 Bling Bling Tote.
Disney Limited Edition Birkenstock.

Of course my eating doesn't stop, we went to get some desserts =)

I guess this shouldn't be new to anyone who visited Hong Kong. It's my absolute favourite dessert. 
My dad keeps saying its overpriced though because a mango doesnt even cost that much haha.
Anyway, my love =))

Haul Post Next. :) 
I've been buying things everyday, so really, I'm on my haul #8 but I only posted like 2 so far. haha
I've been really slow with replying emails right now. Everyday when I get back home, I'm dead tired. Maybe it's the walking in Hong Kong, I have zero energy to do anything. I only want to shower, watch my pre-recorded TVB drama then drop dead.
I wonder if that's the same with everyone else that lives or vacaying in Hong Kong.

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