Hong Kong 2011 Haul #3

If you've been following my blog, you probably noticed I've been carrying the same Forever 21 glitter bag in my outfit posts. The chain actually hurts a lot so I got something different to ease my shoulders a bit.

Pink Envelope Pouch $55 HKD -- $6.71 CAD
I see this bag everywhere, but mine is textured finish. It's 2-way wear. Wristlet/pouch and side-wear.

Brown messenger bag. $175 HKD -- $21.34 CAD
I am so in love with this bag right now. It's multi-wear again and I especially love that I can wear is as a back pack. So in love with it!!! Probably one of my favourite purchase so far in Hong Kong.

Ribbon Pearl Bracelet $20 HKD -- $2.44 CAD
Super girly and cute. =)

Neon Pink Music Notes Earrings $10 HKD -- $1.22 CAD
I haven't worn these yet because I'm scared that I'll pull off my ear because how big these are. They are super light though! =) 

Neon Pink-Orange Beater Top $20 HKD -- $2.44 CAD
Neon is the new Black =)

Patterned Harlem Pants $40 HKD -- $4.88 CAD
I just love this design, not sure why though. It's too hot to wear pants during the day in Hong Kong. I guess I'll wear this when I come back to Toronto. 

H20+ Collagen 2000 Drinks - 10 Bottle Case $380 HKD -- $46.34 CAD
I've first learned about Japanese collagen and supplement drinks in 2008 when I visited my sister. She knows everything about beauty and skincare. When I returned to Toronto, I wanted to buy collagen drinks by H2O but I noticed that North America doesn't carry it (I asked about the product, the SA had no idea what I was talking about). This time I knew no matter what I gotta buy some. haha. This 10 bottle case originally cost $500 HKD but with the current promotion, its $380 HKD. If I purchase a 12 month stock, I would have LOTS of savings. (I was so tempted) However, since I'm only here for a short period of time, I can't carry so much back to Toronto. It's really heavy. 

Softymo Kose Airy Whip $55 HKD -- $6.71 CAD
It's pink! That's the reason for getting it. =P

Softymo Kose White Cleansing Oil Foam $65 HKD -- $7.93 CAD
I believe this is a new product. It's still cleansing oil but comes out like foam. I think this might be quite fun to play with so I got one haha. I think I'm really weak when it comes to cleansing oils.. seriously!

Fancl Washing Powder $140 HKD -- $ 17.07 CAD
My boyfriend loves this a lot and he always buy this again and again. While I usually like to keep trying new products like a lab mouse haha. You probably might have seen it in this post before

Fancl Foaming Ball $12 HKD -- $1.46 CAD
It's to be used with the Washing Powder.

My Scheming Masks $28 HKD -- $3.41 CAD
I think this is a special edition! Super cute =) there are 5 masks inside the box. I'm actually super sad because I paid like $28 for one hello kitty masks back in my previous post. Ahh, more and more I feel ripped off! =(( 

Getsu Skincare Mask $Free
I got this mask as a free gift for having the iPhone App - Bonjour Cosmetics =) It's apparently a herbal mask :)

Lioele BB cream $90 HKD -- $10.98 CAD
I've never tried this brand of BB cream. and it's packaged in pink.. My heart grows weak. Let's hope it's not disappointing =) 

Pink Rimmed Glasses $13 HKD -- $1.59 CAD
I bought these from some random make up beauty shop. It didn't have the lenses. It's alright, its just for fun =)

Black Rimmed Glasses $10 HKD -- $1.44 CAD
I thought those pink ones were inexpensive, then i found these. I love these. I feel so funky with them =)) 

Up Next: Adventures! 

Can you imagine how many reviews I'll be doing later?? 
I think I might be using my LUUUX account again to do mini reviews. I know I said I'm quitting that but in Hong Kong, I don't have the time to do a full out review with pretty pictures and extremely detailed descriptions. However, by mini reviews, I'm only going to do products in sample sizes. For this trip, I brought a lot of sample sized items back. I wanted to document my experience with it anyways. So if you follow my LUUUX, see you there =)