Hong Kong Canmake Workshop

Workshop Room

Canmake's Hong Kong Mong Kok Office (旺角登打士街柏裕商業中心 17樓 33室) is where their workshops are located. When you enter, you will see a large selection of their entire line including face, eye, lips, cheeks, perfume, nail and a lot more products. 

Then there will be a door that leads to their workshop room. I wasn't suppose to take any pictures at the location but I remember a few readers were tweeting that they are interested about this workshop so I remembered to sneak a few. 

Every month, they have several workshops to teach different techniques. The one I attended to was Japanese Makeup. Each workshop is $350 for Non-members and $200 for Members. The entire fee can be used to redeem their products after.

At my seat

At my seat

My Haul
I used the workshop fee to redeem and a bit more since I ended wanting more than that amount haha.

Lip Products
Melty Nude Lipstick 03 Baby Pink $82 HKD
Nudy Glow Lipgloss 01 Rose Macaroon $ 72 HKD
Nudy Glow Lipgloss 02 Strawberry Whip $ 72 HKD
Eye Products
Jewel Star Eyes 10 White Pink - $58 HKD
This color reminds me of a Jill Stuart LE Jelly Eye that I'm running out of, so I decided to get this. And since it's a LE color, MUST GET :)

Jewel Star Eyes 07 - $58 HKD
I love this color!

Coloring Eyebrow 01 - $52 HKD
I hate my eyebrows not matching my hair colour so I decided to try this for a change.

Nail Product
I originally wanted the Pink Crack Lac Nail Polish, but the sales lady gave me the wrong one. I asked them if I can come back to exchange the un-opned product. They said no :( 
Canmake Colorful Nails $44

Since I purchased more than the workshop fee and over $400 HKD, so I became member and thus got to get these two items :)

Overall, I find that the instructor was not my taste. For beginners, I think they can really pick up a few tricks about make up techniques. However, for active make up users, blog readers or beauty bloggers like myself, I don't find the instructor or the staff at all very helpful. My friend and I attended the class together and when she asked the staff for advice, the staff couldn't even help my friend pick whether a cream shadow or a pressed eyeshadow is more suitable for her needs. My advice to the Canmake staff is to actually read more beauty blogs and actually test out each item. I ended helping my friend pick all her items, telling her the pros and cons of each. 

The Display area for Shopping
(Credits: Canmake HK Facebook)

The Display area for Shopping
(Credits: Canmake HK Facebook)

On to the actual idea of the workshop. I think it's genius. I love being able to try all the products first hand and being in a Canmake "world' is really fun and pink haha! I love most Canmake items anyways, I can't wait to try all the stuff I got!