Night It Up Night Market 2011

Melting in your mouth! Shaved Ice booth!

Mango Shaved Ice =) The bubbles were so cool! It's liquid inside!

Tornato Potato Chip Booth :)

Tornado Potatoes!
You get to pick your own flavours. There were lots to choose from! So cool and fun!

Tornato Potato Chips. It was actually a bit too salty =P

Our friend, Tiffany, decided to buy 10 raw oysters for $8! Pretty funky!

Us eating raw oysters! It was Tiffany's first time =)

Noodle Rolls, love it because it reminds us of Hong Kong. We love eating street food =)

Noodle Rolls. Yummy!

Noodle Rolls, being cut to pieces and before custom flavours!

Lamb Skewers! Waited forever, so much passive aggressiveness in the line up!

Poor guy, I saw that he got smoke in his eyes! He worked really hard on them. 
It was really really tasty =)

From raw.. super fresh! It takes quite a long cooking time though! It really was a long wait! =P

not kidding, these ladies were aggressive. LOL

Us chilling with drinks from 168 Tea Shop

My fellowship, Salties! Church groupies =)

Fellowship girls =)

Chirpy Egg Puffs. Coffee Flavoured!

Devil's Bomb

A booth selling really cute cups and home decor.

These pictures are basically from Night Market that I talked about in the earlier Press Conference here.
I had so much fun! I went with my church friends, my lovely fellowship =)
It was so crazy packed even the celluar reception was much blocked due to the amount of attendees!
I was on twitter and saw lots of people were tweeting about it too!
Let me know what you thought of it if you attended!