My Longest Trip to Hong Kong

My boarding passes and passport. Love my stitch passport holder! =D

The pretty tunnel in the Chicago O'hare Airport! 
It keeps changing color, and I didn't have the patience to wait till it turns pink again haha!

My trip turned out to be super long. Usually flying to HK takes about 16-18hours.
However, mine turned out to be uh....

 I arrived at the airport, waited 1.5 hours for the most ridiculous line up for US customs. Then, turns out the flight from Toronto to Chicago was delayed by 0.5 hours. The flight itself was 1.5 hours. Got to Chicago, my transit time for about 2.5 hours. but the flight itself delayed 3.5 hours for aircraft servicing. So together, waited 6 hours to get on the Chicago to Hong Kong flight. Then that flight was about 15 hours. From getting off that flight to leaving the airport only took me 15 minutes. Love the efficient HK system! haha. 

So ALTOGETHER, 1.5 + 0.5 + 1.5 + 6 + 15 = 24.5 hours. CRAZY

Anyway, lets just enjoy some of the inflight scenery. It looks magical to me =)

In my upcoming posts, will be all my adventures and hauls in Hong Kong. 
I should be doing some mini reviews here and there too because I brought a lot of sample skincare/make up with me. 
And of course, there will be outfit post! 
I hope you all enjoy them.