I'm in the Toronto Star!!

Hey everyone!
Some of you might have seen this already via twitter or in the Toronto newspaper.
This is definitely a moment for me :)
To this date, haven't seen the hard copy of the feature because I'm currently in Hong Kong.
Otherwise, I would totally do a youtube video or take a photo with it! haha!

I'm lost in words how excited and honored I feel!
Never thought, my DIY creations would go on a newspaper! 
Sunglasses should totally represent your personality.

July 21, 2011
Toronto Star - Living Section
Article written by Derick Chetty

Electronic Copy of the Print from Toronto Star.
Purchased from www.pressdisplay.com
No infringement intended.
Not a Full Article, but hey, you see my face =) 

A printscreen of the Online Article from Toronto Star

Twitpic of the Print Article. Thanks Michele!

Click Here or here to read full article.

Thank you!
SO HAPPY! ^_____^

Special thanks to Jeffrey Spivock! :)