Hong Kong Causeway Bay Shopping

I was shopping at wtc more (World Trends Circle) in Causeway Bay. They are having a really cute display right now, the Haus of Denim. The entire display/exhibition is under the direction of celebrity stylist - Yasuhiro Watanabe. He's super well known in Japan and is the stylist for many Japanese Celebrities including BoA. Inside this display, there are even fave denim items from Chikako Watanabe, one of Lady Gaga's Japan stylist - KAI and TAKU and many others.

The display is open now until Aug 31, 2011

wtc more世貿中心
280 Gloucester Rd Causeway Bay Hong Kong

Denim one-piece dress from Hong Kong
Rubber Platforms from Hong Kong (recently hauled)
Bling Bling Tote from Forever 21

A few nights ago, I celebrated my babygirl's birthday at CEO Neway in Causeway Bay. It's the largest karaoke lounge in Hong Kong. Singing karaoke is quite different than in Toronto. They have a full out buffet including salads, soups, hot pot and seafood. You can even sing and drink until 6 in the morning unlike Toronto's 2am curfew!

2-8 Sugar Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

My McDonald's McNugget meal of 9pieces was only $31.20 HKD -- $3.80CAD. Where as in Toronto, it would've been over $10 CAD. The exchange rate for HK to Toronto is really good for me, It's 1CAD to 8.23HKD. So yup, everything is dirt cheap to me WAKAKAKA. 
By the way, note the cool dipping sauce in HK! Sesame and Cheese! In Toronto, we only have Sweet and Sour and BBQ. =))

This is during rush hour at the Admiralty Station between the Tsuen Wan Line and Island Line. There were people running to get on the subway and so much line ups. MTR also sent staff to help keep everything in order. It's literally crazy. It's the one of the busiest stations in Hong Kong, you gotta see it to believe it.

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