Hong Kong 2011 Haul #1

1. VIVI Hong Kong Version $30 HKD -- $3.66 CAD
My absolute fashion bible =)

2. Stitch Shower Sponge $15 HKD -- $1.83 CAD
I love almost anything Stitch.

3. Peach John Haul $398 HKD -- $48 CAD
The new limited item, Bling Bling Bra $288 HKD, is such a great deal. I'm pretty sure a bra like that from Victoria Secrets would probably be about $70CAD+. I'm not a fan of showing undergarments in an outfit. I feel like its sloppy. So I prefer these bras, where, I can show it in an outfit and its still somewhat chic =) The other two undies are 30% off from the Summer Sale I was talking about in my last post. Both $78 HKD with 30%off, $55HKD

4. Nude color lace shorts $29 HKD -- $3.54
5. 6ixty8ight Undies $28 HKD -- $3.41CAD
I actually never heard of this brand for lingerie before. It's actually super cute and reminds me of Pink and Peach John as well. They just launched in Hong Kong last November and you can also find their items on ASOS (very overpriced though)

6. Jill Stuart Eye Jelly in 09 Midnight Shine $170HKD -- $20.73 CAD
I fell in love with their eye jellies ever since I got the secret tease collection. So I decided to try another color. 

7. Sasatinnie Eye Mask in "Intensive Sparkling White" and "Aqua Boost Moisturizing" $6HKD/pack -- $0.73CAD
Just passed by SASA and wanted to try this for fun. It's crazy affordable. Each pack has 3 pairs. I really have nothing to lose unless I have skin reaction. Let's hope these goes well =)

Isnt it gorgeous!! mwahahah I love it so much!!

Anyway, I've been doing more shopping and doing more things like EATING! 
Keep checking back! See you soon =)