L'Oreal Paris: Star Treatment at Luminato

The past weekend on June 10-11th, several beauty bloggers including myself, were invited to get a Star Treatment at Luminato from L'Oreal Paris!! At the event we get an exclusive, one-on-one expert beauty consultation that is not being offered to the general public! We become their VIP and sat in their Official Beauty Experts' chairs to get the Star Treatment, while discovering personalized beauty tips and pro techniques that will keep us looking our best all season long.

At Luminato - Toronto's premier Festival of Arts + Creativity

During the Opening Weekend of Luminato, at the L'Oréal Paris Beauty Tent, 1,000s of Torontonians can come by for a complimentary makeup and hair touch-ups from the same L’Oréal Paris Beauty Experts who create all of the runway beauty looks season-after-season. Torontonians can get a feel of the excitement of backstage from Fashion Week in Toronto.


Yay to VIP Access!
*skips line up*

This is how I look before the transformation :)
Very Simple Make Up.

Catching up with my chicka, Michele aka rubanxrose =)

Bumped into the goregous Tess aka makeupbytess =)
At this point, my hair is taken down and so are my earrings for the hair do =P

Whoa, look at the make up!!

Getting excited to get my make up done =)

Chatting with Eddie Malter, L’Oreal Paris’ Official Make-up Artist for L'Oréal Paris
We have the same favourite color!!

Purply eyeshadows to bring out my pink contacts, LOVE!

Here, Eddie uses a lip color that matches my blinding pink leggings =)

Now, Eric Del Monaco,  L’Oreal Paris’ Official Hair Artist and Colourist for  L’Oreal Paris does my hair!
I become a Bombshell after, literally!

Being silly, I love mirror photos!

A close up on what Eric was doing on my hair!

It was so funny, Eric asked me whether I had exciting plans for Saturday and I said, no because I had to go back to work. After the transformation, we both agreed. Screw work, I'm going out tonight! HAHA

If you want to learn how to do the make up or the hair, make sure you dont miss my video that's coming up.
 Of course I captured the entire process so you will learn how and what products were used!!
I feel like such a diva BOMBSHELL after =) Literally!
I've never envisioned myself to look like this, I feel fierce like Beyonce =))


Eddie Malter, Myself, Eric Del Monaco
 (Photo Credits to Vito Amati)

Photo Credits to Vito Amati

Photo Credits to Vito Amati

Special Thanks to Margaret, Vito Amati, Eddie Malter, Eric Del Monaco and Eric C.

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