Anime North 2011

I've always heard of Anime North and other anime conventions but I've never actually been to one because I never met any friends that would do that with me. Through blogging, I have... MICHELE! haha!

Anime North 2011 took place on May 27-29, 2011 at the Toronto Congress Center, 650 Dixon Road, and at the Doubletree International Plaza Hotel, 655 Dixon Rd. (directly across the street). Additional events will be held at the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel 801 Dixon Road (formally the Renaissance), west of the Doubletree across the highway bridge). Daily parking is free at the Toronto Congress Center.

At first I was super confused because I was thinking how is ONE convention happening at THREE venues?!
Turns out, with that huge amount of people in attendance, you really do need ALL that space!

Check out the Video Coverage!!

I think you guys probably remember me saying there was a photobooth area right? Here are some of the pictures they took for me.

I feel like a princess

I photoshopped this one to get lighter hair like the girls in Popteen Magazines =)


A youtube subscriber that spotted me!
If you read this, it was nice chatting with you :) I'm really surprised you rmbed which school I attended =)

Wicked Make up!

He was soo friendly! Wow!
I was at his store, and they sold so many items from Bodyline.
One of my favourite cosplay/lolitta outfit stores from Japan!

People are super friendly here, I hope you two had a fab time!



I was so stunned by her courage! She was really nice to talk to and she didn't mind me taking pictures of her and posting it online either =)

People taking pictures of me :) I had a celeb moment haha!


Guess by Marciano Blazer
Crown, Dave and Busters
Ribbon Necklace, Costa Blanca
Costume, Hong Kong Lolitta Boutique
Vintage Purse
Shoes, Urban Planet and DIY Blinged up (Youtube Tutorial here)
Thank you Anime North Team! =)

Time to leave. I was drained!!

BYE! :)