Vaughan Mills New Media Challenge Part 1

This is probably one of the most exciting events I've been invited to throughout my blogging career! On May 14th, top bloggers, tweetpeeps and fashionistas from all around Toronto were invited to attend the Vaughan Mills New Media Challenge. 

Not only do us bloggers have fun, but you, the readers, can win a $100 Gift Card to Vaughan Mills. 
It's at the end of the post! Make sure to check it out!

The Challenge
Each of these participants will ride the Shuttle to Vaughan Mills to wisely spend a $100 Vaughan Mills Gift Card in pursuit of the ultimate purchase. The best ‘find’ of the day, chosen by our very own Style Agents, Janette Ewen and Afiya Francisco, will receive a $500 Vaughan Mills Gift Card!
The challenge will begin at 12:05PM at Entry 5 (City Neighbourhood) and is expected to finish at approximately 1:05pm. One Hour!!

The judges, Style Agents Afiya Francisco and Janette Ewen, will select the most compelling find (based on Value, Presentation, Creativity and Passion) and award the top challenger a $500 Vaughan Mills Gift Card.

How exciting is that?!? The morning I woke up I checked my twitter and I was searching #vaughanmills and I realized my competition is like WHOA! I called Michele right away (she was my special guest for the day) and we were like, okay, let's just take it easy and have fun and just meet fun people today. We just wanted to enjoy the experience and forget the whole winning part because really, these people are simply amazing!!

Our hair colour looks SO similar it's crazyy!!

So Michele and I got to Union Station where the Shuttle Bus is ready to pick us up. The Shuttle Bus has already began their services, so if you need to know the times and locations, be sure to check out Vaughan Mills Website for details.

The weather was pretty sucky, but nothing ever stops me from a good day shopping. EVER!

Anyways, we arrived quite early so we got a chance to mingle with other lovely people!
Nelia ( and I 
Finally we meet! So nice to see you in person! :)
Love her blog, always keeps me in touch with everything!

I read her blog because of Emily and I love love love her outfit posts in her blog! 
I regret not getting a photo of you in your BCBG blazer/jacket! I love it! 

Janice ( and her sister 
We need to hang more! You guys are so fun! :)

More pictures because we love ourselves!! haha

Super cute!! Michele should be super glad I didnt put up her funny face one! 

Love you lots, for sticking with me the entire time!! and always finding me when I get lost in Vaughan Mills. This mall is just way too big hahah! 

Just before we go on the bus to start heading to Vaughan Mills! I touch my hair a lot by the way. haha

Shuttle Bus

So nice that they prepared a little snack for us since we got there in the morning and will be in the challenge throughout lunch hour. I love thoughtfulness! 

We also had a reuseable bag and inside we have our $100 Gift Card for the Challenge and maps/directory of Vaughan Mills where we plan our strategy haha!! 

Survival Tips! 

Since Michele and I were both like RUNNING and going nuts, we didn't really take much photos during it. However, Vaughan Mills had camera men filming us which was SO SUPER COOL!
I will include the video at the end of this post =)

When we're done our challenge, we must come back to this area where we present our fashion finds and present it to the judges. I was so nervous it was crazy! I never really spoke about fashion in front of real people before haha! I wonder if people can hear that I was shaky in my voice =P

Some goodie bags =)

Where we presented!

One of the MANY group shots!

Our Judges aka Style Agents!
Janette Ewen and Afiya Francisco
You can watch there episodes on the Vaughan Mills Youtube Channel here!

The Vaughan Mills New Media Challenge Video

Please excuse my chicken run in the beginning of the video! LOL
So, if you watched the video, you would know that I WON $500 Gift Card!!!!! 
I'm going to do a separate post of WHAT HAPPENED after I won. It was CRAZY!

How to WIN $100 Vaughan Mills Gift Card!

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