Vaughan Mills Giveaway Prize Pack

About 1-2 weeks ago when I was just about to get down to study for my last final exam of my university career, I just happened to see Vaughan Mills tweet about a twitter giveaway! I was so excited, so I did as told. I watched the Style Agents episode asap and jotted down a few tips just for in case.

Then I tweeted and TA-DA!
I only checked out what I won after I was notified.
First, I wasn't sure whether I'll win anyway plus I didn't want to waste a second!! haha!!

This is the picture of the prize to be won. I wasn't entirely sure what the red item was so I wasnt expecting it. I noticed the gloves the most because I wanted to get them for a while but kept debating!

Time to reveal what I actually got!!
The box was placed right outside my house on the porch.
It was a lot bigger than what I expected!!

Out came a bag which is reuseable (I love environmentally-friendly stuff)!

I found all these goodies!
These are promotional goodies which consists of a glass jar, 2 packs of tissues, emergency sewing kit, something similar to tide-to-go I believe.
Everything useful, so I like that :)

Now, I know what it is! It's a passport holder/flight ticket holder. I needed this!!!
I wanted this so bad during my last trip to Hong Kong. So glad to have this now!

Finally, my pretty nude colour gloves!! I'm really surprised these fit me perfectly! I know these comes in sizes and the person who picked these up for me are amazing! They fit!! Woohoo! Lastly, I also found an added bonus of a 100% wool artsy hat! Another thing I wanted. Goodness, it felt like a Christmas in May!

Thank you so much for the giveaway, Vaughan Mills.
Special thanks to Jamie and Tina! Appreciate it! :)

And for my readers, if you haven't followed Vaughan Mill's Twitter, make sure you do so.
There's currently a $2900 Shopping Spree contest going on! Make sure you check it out!