Timeless Beauty: Ultima II Eyelights

Have you ever went into your mom's vanity area?
Or, an older sister's make up stash to dig out old make up?

About a month ago, I have.
I found tons of stuff and it was very intersting to me because you can tell how a particular brand has evolved.
The obvious, of course, is the packaging!
I found a drugstore brand lipstick that was never used from about 20+ years ago!

Here is one of my mom's ancient make up product, the eyeshadow palette:
Ultima II Eyelights

To me, the brand, Ultima II, is known for their expensive yet effective skincare serums.
I never knew they used to make cosmetics. Or, do they still today?

This palette strongly reminds me of the Urban Decay Palettes!
Note, the palette is almost untouched!
According to my mom, it was very pricy so she didn't want to use it up!  

The pigmentation is absolutely incredible.
To be safe, this is only for my personal use and I sprayed it with alcohol.
I know that alcohol may ruin the eyeshadow but it is probably 20 years or more. I gotta be safe in case of germs and stuff.
 I then left it to completely dry then used it on myself.
No eye infections! Haha.

I'm sure many of you might think it's nasty gross.
 In my defense, this is like a antique piece to me
I'm not harmed
I'm not using it on others either so I'm good :)

Let me know if you dug out some goodies too!