Petite Feet Shoe Sale May 2011

On Thursday, I went to the sale with Michele. Lately, Michele and I are a team. We're been missioning to sale to sale on all VIP days. Love this girl! Anyways, bright and early, we arrived and got an awesome parking spot.

We rushed in ASAP, I was on twitter earlier and saw that they tweeted they got the Lorissas back and I WAS STOKED! I've never missed one time for this sale and I kept missing out on the Lorissa while I keep seeing tweets of ladies getting them. It drives me nuts. Last time at the Mississsauga Sale, Emily and I attended and were disappointed. I guess it's because we drove ALL THE WAY there (then got lost) and came out empty handed. This time though, I was OVERWHELMED with happiness.

I saw a line up for the Lorissa, this like never happened before, and luckily I got VIP treatment. Thanks Lindsay and Larry. I didn't need to line up and I got to take my sweet time to pick out these babies. But honestly, there were actually SO many available that I think every lady of that hour had a pair of Lorissa in their basket haha! I think the line up was there just so things are more organized because I know ladies can be ROUGH when we are desperate for things we love. =) I really like how they run this sale, truly.

I debated badly between the black ones and the nude ones and I finally decided on the nude ones. Michele and another staff told me, I can always find a pair in black. Plus, I don't really have many nude colour shoes. =) THEY ARE FINALLY MINE.

This is my second pair that I got. At the last Mississauga sale, I already wanted these but I hesitated. Turns out this time when I saw these, I actually liked them more. They are a little difficult but I'm sure I'll tackle them :) I feel tall like a giraffe =)

Lastly, I met a TV host at the sale! It was super awesome!!

It's Jennifer from Breakfast Television for CityTV! She was super sweet and was actually willing to take pictures with the customers there. She was so nice to me when I got a chance to meet her. =)) 

I felt super special when she said she liked my nails. See see see..

Finally, a video to wrap everything up! Don't mind me, I actually didn't even have time to do my eye make up because I tried to get there as early as possible. 

No doubt, I had an amazing time at this sale.
If you live in the GTA area, did you go as well? 

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