$100 Vaughan Mills Gift Card Challenge

Hey Everyone!

Last night I discovered that the Vaughan Mills Youtube Channel just posted their newest Style Agents Episode and it features me!!! Super exciting!

Please check it out!

Thank you so much Vaughan Mills and NATIONAL PR for making this event such a success. 
It was so much fun!!!

Don't Forget to Enter HERE for a $100 Gift Card Giveaway!!

Now, some pictures of what happened after the win! =)

Michele and I were lead to the Management Offices and Headquarters of Style Agent Episodes.
Here is a picture of all the make up on the table for our touch up. Florence did a superb job!

Where I got a photoshoot, and the scene for the mannequin shoot. 

Michele, my manager of the day (haha) tweeting away for herself and on behalf of me :)

Florence doing make up for me :)

Hard at work styling the mannequin.

My face after the touch up of make up :)
I felt dolled up! Never got my make up professionally done before!
I've always done my own make up my entire life =P

Photoshoot :)

On the set of the Style Agents Episodes. 

Thank you Michele for staying with me and being such a great manager (lol!)
I had so much fun! Thanks :)!!!