REVIEW: KAO Essential Damage Care Nuance Airy Intensive Hair Mask

 What is this Product? (What it claims)
  • Essential NUANCE AIRY Ultra Honey Hair Mask is formulated with 3X more high purity honey and milk protein to protect and strengthen.
  • It provides intensive care, especially to the last 15 cm of hair, which is prone to dryness, tangles and split ends. Hair is left soft, elastic and easy to manage.
  • The mask gives a scent of flower and fruit.
  • It is added with shea butter, a repairing and moisturizing ingredient, to make hair extra smooth. Wild rose essence leaves a protective layer to keep hair soft and moisturized.
  • The product leaves hair airy. It gives limp and flat hair a light and bouncy feel. It provides intensive care for severely damaged hair, without the heaviness.
  • Recommended for use 2 to 3 times a week.
  • 200g
Before I get started, there are 2 variants in the Essential range, you can choose your own to suit your needs
1) Nuance Airy – Transforms limp and flat hair, making it light and bouncy
2) Rich Premier – Makes untameable hair smooth and manageable.
I chose Nuance Airy for my hair because I constantly bleached it blonde and also used many hot styling tools. I wanted it to be healthy, bouncy and fresh again :)

Directions of Use
I do have a few ways of using this, depending on time and the condition of my hair. As you may know, I used to be a blondie, and I was constantly bleaching my hair for straight two years. Each time I touched up my hair required 2-3x of bleaching, so my condition was SEVERE.

Amount to be used:
1 -- Short length -- 3/4 of a ping pong ball
2 -- Medium length -- a ping pong ball
3 -- Long length -- 2 pink pong balls
This product is really affordable, I advise to use more than less. Your hair will thank you later :)

FIRST METHOD -- After colour dying, retouching the color, or bleached it like crazyI apply after I have toweled-dried my hair. Leave in hair and let it air completely dry. Place a dry towel on my pillow and sleep on it. Yes its a bit icky, but this is THE BEST METHOD EVER. Wash it out the next morning. The silky and improved effect last up to 3 days and continues onwards.
**8 hours+ of mask**

SECOND METHOD -- When I use a lot of styling tools or products, especially with heat
I apply after I have toweled-dried my hair. Leave in hair and wear a shower cap. Allow the mask to work its magic. I love doing this when I study, I usually do a face mask as well haha. For shower caps, you can use the ones you already use or you can purchase $1 for 5-10pc at the dollar store. I then take off the shower cap after 2-3 hours and rinse it off.

THIRD METHOD -- You have naturally dry/damaged or weak hair. or there's not a lot of time.
I apply after I have toweled-dried my hair, leave it in for 15-30 mins then rinse off. The effect is not as AMAZING as the first method but you can noticably see the difference.

$49.90 HKD (Aproximately $7-8 USD)
This is part of my Essential Damage Care Nuance Airy Collection. It was hauled back in this post, when my boyfriend was in Hong Kong at the time. At the time, I believe the Anti-Frizz Serums weren't launched just yet. I really wish I had those because it seemed to have great reviews :)

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First of all, sorry this took SO LONG for me to finally get the review out. You know when you forget things, and then you just keep forgetting? That happened *sigh.

I'm offically done the jar and thought I better review this before I forget details. I'm not going to lie, I didnt use this as religiously as I wished but my hair wasn't in severe damage since I've been using this so I tend to not use it as much. I guess it's also because I didnt want to use it up so quickly. Ever since I dyed my hair to red and then black, I rarely used it anymore.

During my blonde days, I literally cannot live without it. When you have light hair, its SO VERY obvious to visibly see the damages to your ends. And because I was constantly bleaching (3times each touch up, 1 touch up every 1.5 months and for for 2 years straight. That's about 48 BLEACHES IN TWO YEARS! my stubborn hair...) My hair was literally dead strings growing out of my scalp. However, I managed to still have it somewhat under control.

Here's a photo of my blonde hair days, not too bad huh?

Considering the damage I do to my hair, its still shiny, bouncy and airy. It's not dead or flat. :)

Sorry I dont have one of those before and after photos since my hair is black now and honestly, you really cant see a whole lot different because my dyed black hair under flash photography look all the same.

This is definitely a repurchase item, which reminds me, I better tell the bf to get me this!! I want to try Rich Premier Intensive Hair Mask because I have no idea how it smells like. I LOVE THE SMELL BTW, you have to try it. Or, let me wipe my hair in your face so you can have a smell of it ;) hahaha

I would love to try the Rich Premier Nourishing Care Lotion! I think they also have some new products so I'm dying to try them too! WOOHOO!!

Overall: ♥♥♥♥♥
Product: 5/5 ♥ No complaints at all except I wished it wasn't so pricy in countries out of Asia.
Packaging: 5/5 ♥ Practical. Pink!
Price: 5/5 ♥ So affordable!

This is my next hair mask, yet to try it, but took photos. Anyone tried it yet?

Reviewing this soon, stay tuned =)