REVIEW + FOTD: EOS New Adult Pink J-203

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Circle Lens Description:
EOS: New Adult - Pink (J-203)
Brand : E.O.S
Diameter : 14.0mm
Enlarging Effect: 15.5mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal
Prescription Availability: 0.00-10.00
You can find the item here.

Directions of Use
For full information on Lens Care, they are provided by the company in here!
I usually like to soak my lenses in my regular contact lens solution for at least 48 hours. The solution in the vials are usually formulated for storage so it may be harmful for your eyes. After 48 hrs, I try to wear it 1-2 hrs at home just in case I encounter problems. This is especially important if you have sensitive eyes.

Main Ingredients
(No Ingredients were provided by the Company)

+ Shipping USD $3.90 for the 1st 100 gram. Additional $1.00 will be charged for every extra 100 gram.
Review on Lens:
I've been eyeing the Adult series for a few years now, dating back to my birthday in 2009 actually. However, at the time, the old Adult series only had Violet color (the closest color they got to pink) so I still hesistated in getting them. At last, I finally have my hands on New Adult series!! and they have pink as well. *literally jumping for joy*
The color payout is very significant. I find that they are very noticeable even when they are worn in indoor light setting. The light pink color is very light and opaque. From afar, you can tell its light colored eyes with warm tones. I personally really like the opacity of these lenses because I like to be dramatic with them. However, if you prefer natural looking pink lenses, you can try to opt for EOS Max Pure Pink Lenses instead.

The design of the lens is rather different than the other pink lenses. There is no gradual effects and it has a thin dark brown border as the outer ring. If you have lighter eyes, these lenses may give you a different color payoff. For example, you have blue eyes, these lenses may look rather lavender on you. On my dark brown eyes, the color is very opague and I cannot wear these lenses without make up. I tried it and I got many weird stares. HAHA.
The enlargement factor is significant. When comparing my eyes with and without lens, I see that there are less whites with these circle lenses. Although there are lenses has a 14mm diameter (average size), I find that this size is perfect. I think that if theses were any larger, I would look evil. (In anime, those with big eyes and dot-sized pupils are usually evil characters)

On comfort, I find them rather drying. I actually wore them on many different days and I still get the same feeling. This is especially true when I stare at something for more than 5 seconds without blinking. (for example, waiting for a photo to be taken) I would need to blink a few times. I was really scared that it will just fall out (I had dry lenses that did that to me before). So always need to carry eyedrops when I wear this pair for sure.

Compared to EOS FLOWER PINK, I still like the Flower Pink more because the design is a flower and it's very girly and unique. Both are very similar in terms of color but the payoff is a bit different because Flower pink had more dark borders so its not very noticeable in indoor light setting. Adult Pink has less dark borders so it becomes more noticeable in indoor light setting.

Compared to EOS MAX PURE PINK, it's hard to say which one I like better because Max Pure Pink is a very natural series so the pink does stand out. They are really great for those who enjoys natural looking pink lenses. Whereas, Adult Pink opts for a dramatic and unnatural look so it's hard to compare these too. It truly depends on what look you're comfortable with.

Compared to EOS CANDY PINK, I like this pair better because Candy pink tends to make me very alien like even without flash. The colour payoff and design of Candy pink is very opaque make it very dramatic for everyday wear. I like that these Adult Pink are not overly dramatic in terms of the design  so from a far, I just look like I have light eyes.

Customer Service Review:
I'm very glad that the company has supplied me with Pink lenses yet again :)! This is the second pair the company has supplied me with. On the last pair, after I have reviewed it, they sent me a thank you email which I think it's seriously superb service. I have reviewed for other companies before and I haven't seen such gratitude before!

They sent out the lenses on along with a tracking number and it arrived to my local post office. I did not have to pay for any custom or duty fee. Once again, the delivery was in a timely manner. I have no complaints.

When I opened, everything came unbroken and nicely wrapped in bubble wrapping! I thought the lens case was cute =) Last time, they supplied me with yellow lens case and I didn't like that too much because of personal preference but I have PINK now! yay!!! Pink piggy lens case! Super Cute!

What was different from last time was that they also included a Thank You card. I think that's very thoughtful and I do enjoy services as such. There are tons of circle lens companies out there and I think that when companies pay attention to details like these makes them stand out the most. *claps hands*

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Overall: ♥♥♥
Product: 4/5 ♥ my favourite lens collection, a little dry, enlarging, pink!!!
Packaging: 5/5 ♥ Nothing was broken when received. Unique packaging!
Price: 5/5 ♥ Very inexpensive shipping rate! Altogether it's only about $25 USD! Very affordable!