My Balenciaga Dilema

Okay, so before I begin, let's just say, I'm not here to brag or anything. I just HAVEN'T had a nice Shopping Spree on Luxury items in a while and I NEED IT! LOL and plus, okay it's my blog and I haven't had any personal blog posts in a while either! XD!! I usually like to list out a lot of my wants and then I don't get it because, I have so much drawbacks *SIGH*

Before the boyfriend left to HK, he left me with a shopping spree amount. It's bascially to cover some expenses here and there just in case I don't know how to take care of myself. It's also supposed to be a present for a special occasion which I don't want to mention in case I JINX IT like I did last time!

So that amount plus my gift card from him, I should be able to get something. Plus I got some savings too so yea... *BIG SMILES*

Here are some stuff I've been drooling over this week:
Unlike most people, I don't want a black purse because I think its really typical and a few of my aunts have one. I don't like having similar things with family members or everyday friends, especially when it's something I spend so much money on and when its a PURSE. *pet peeve*

Anyway, so this is my first choice because its beige and it has the Rose Gold Hardware that I'm LOVING and its a really nice size. The problem is, this price is definately out of my price range for a B-Bag.

This one is one of my fave colors for a B-Bag as well, I also like that it has a Giant Hardware but I'm not loving the silver. I find it too shiny and in-your-face. I would prefer this Grenadine color + Rose Gold hardware. I dont mind the size and the price range is probably my maximum for a B-bag.

I think it's very important to be picky when it comes to buying things that are going to cost a chunk. Although most likely, the item will grow on you and you wont mind it so much after but if you like it from the start, chances are you'll LOVE it even more. :)

So this would be a nice price range for me for sure except it doesnt have the hardware that I like. I feel like its just missing something. I also really like the size. It's bigger than the First (I cannot stand the First, the size just makes me angry. For about $200 more you can fit so much more things!!)

So yeah, my question is....

Anyone know the prices for Balenciaga in the outlets??!?!
Anyone wanna mega bus with me??? :)