Lisa's Cosmetics Sale Spring 2011


I've roughly mentioned Lisa's Cosmetics Sale previously in here. Of course, it's time to SERIOUSLY get all the juicy details of the sale for you. First and foremost, THE SALE IS BACK! I'm super excited today to meet up with the owners of the sale and ask some questions! Before I talk about that, let's break it down!

APRIL 30TH - MAY 3RD, MAY 6-9, MAY 13-16

 SAT 9-6PM; SUN 10-6PM; MON, TUE, FRI 10-8PM

1380 Rodick Rd, Markham, ON CANADA L3R 4G5

The sale carries an enormous range of brands and items and it's suitable for any age of both men and women! My mom and I are both fans of this sale, you will see our hauls at the end of this post! Over the years, many things has changed! The sale incorporated newer and younger brands such as Smashbox, Annabelle, and Marcelle!

When I arrived bright and early today, I was super delighted! Not only did I get a nice and close-by parking spot and I got to look around when the sale is empty. I was introduced to the owners, Asif and Farah, and honestly, I'm so flattered by how down to earth they were. I was not expecting the wonderful smiles, a little nice and warm snack for me to munch on (it was early) and just walked me through how everything was like. I've never gotten that from busy people. Not only were the owners nice, but it was almost like a cultural with all the staff! From security to stocking people, to cashiers and helpers behind the counters! I still remember all the mean stares by security when I was at the Estee Lauder sale. haha. It's a very different vibe here.

Okay, enough yakking from me. I'll let the pictures do the talking.
I know you ALL want to know what's there and prices!


From all my past experiences, Elizabeth Skincare line is hot hot hot!
It's the most crowded area especially when it's located where Smashbox was too!

I think this year, they had more gift sets which is just so wonderful!
I got some for my lovely readers for a future giveaway! =))

I've read tons of blogs about the Annabelle and Marcelle warehouse sale in Montreal.
GTA Ladies, guess what?! We got ours right here!
There's more than this. There were lip pencils, eye shadows, blushes, eyeliners, pigments and much more!

They also have a lot of toners, it's definitely more than this photo where I only focused on creams.

There is a huge wall full of stock for all your nail needs and all at very affordable prices.


Each aisle is about 3 times this photo and there are about 2-3 double sided aisle like this for women fragrances! Every time I go, I purchase 1-3 of these. I'm so in love! They always have the ones I want :)

Okay, trust me, there is stuff for men too!
About two full aisle filled for men fragrances!

Tons of drugstore items, I love looking at this section because they always have different stuff.
I want to kick myself for not picking up those L'Oreal items in the bottom right corner! 

And I can safely say, it's not restricted to these only.
There are still junk food, and designer sunglasses.


This is my haul :) where I spent $142.82 CAD including taxes.
On the receipt it also tells me how much I saved.
 I always feel awesome when I see this amount; I SAVED $156.04!!

This is my mom's haul :) where she spent $132.13 CAD including taxes.
SHE SAVED $386.52!!
She got such a sweet deal on the Prevage sets!

 I admit, both my mom and I, didn't purchase too much this year because...
look at my last haul from the sale in December!
I'm proud of myself for having control LOL!

Now, please note one thing.

Always have an idea of the prices before you head to the cashier. My mom got undergarmets where the sales lady said it was $6.99 but turned out to be $7.99 and the Dove shampoo was marked as $6.99 but turned out to be $5.99. So it's not a rip off at all really, I do think its just a minor error but at least now you can watch out =)
I also got informed that this year, they have opened up to 12 cashiers to ease the wait times to cash out.
So that's good news right?

This sale is one of those, once you step in and you want to buy things haha!
I hope you all enjoyed the coverage, let me know in your comments what you think!
And if you went, I want to know what you thought of it!

Thanks for dropping by! xoxo