Blogging Dilemmas, Thoughts and Guidelines for Myself

If you followed my twitter, you probably know that there is a review post that I have dreaded and had many thoughts about. This post came from thoughts about a negative review that I will be posting and overall thoughts about being a blogger. This post is wordy, lengthy and no pictures. Just warning ya!

The thought process started when I was debating whether I should write a review which talks about a sponsored experience where I did not enjoy the services and products being provided.
Although this is a dated experience, I always have voice memos in my iPhone after I tried something.
This is so that I don’t forget details. (Just like how journalist do it)

For a while, I did not want to post this because, it is a negative review and it MAY:

a. Negatively impact the company
b. Negatively impact my chances in getting future sponsorships or opportunities
c. The beauty blogging community in Toronto, Canada is small and one of the owners was a beauty blogger as well so there is a huge chance of meeting them again and it may be awkward

I had many thoughts about it and I constantly reminded myself the true meaning of being a blogger. I wanted to share my thoughts and my experience about products and services. I wanted to always provide thorough reviews and I have been doing that all this time. My reviews are often very in-depth. I’m not looking for trouble, and I wish not to get hate comments. It’s really almost like journalism, except it’s more personal, not influenced by monetary endorsements and its beauty/lifestyle focused.

Being a blogger does not equate to trying products for free and writing positive reviews.
Stating the obvious here, money changes people, and we have seen many of those already.
This is why I always remind myself: getting free products is like a BONUS, it is not something that MUST come along with blogging.
 With these bottom lines, it really helps to stay unbiased and not let greed take over us.

We have seen many people do advertisements where there is money involved. Celebrities, famous bloggers and even small bloggers like myself experienced these too.
If it is an ad, then fulfill your job, but LET YOUR READERS KNOW that is an ad.

You’ve all seen celebrities advertise for something that is totally useless but no one complains about it.

Famous blogger XiaXue often do ads, there are many that hates it but she puts herself to the test, and states clearly that it’s an ad.
If the product didn’t work for you, well at least you do know it’s an ad.

For myself, I always request that I must try the product/service first before I do any ads.
I have stayed true to my beliefs to deliver truthfully to this date.

Also, companies should not EXPECT positive reviews simply because you are providing them free goods.
Although it is their intentions, companies should learn and improve on the reasons behind their negative feedback/reviews.
Companies should RESPECT bloggers just like they do to customers.
I can go on about how strong social media is but I won’t so I don’t bore you!

Now, going back to my thoughts about the review post.
At first, I thought, since this is a negative experience, I would rather not blog about to avoid all the problems and consequences that would follow.
(see above for my considerations)
That is why this review was just missing for straight 3 months or so. But when I think deeper into it, and especially seeing some positive reviews by fellow bloggers, I feel that it’s also important to show both sides.
I don’t intend to destroy the company by any means.
I am not trying pick on/target any fellow bloggers either.
We all have opinions, thoughts and it’s simply their recap of their experience.
Likewise, the review is my opinion, my thoughts and my recap of my experience.

The final decision will rest of the customer and they can certainly choose whether it’s suitable for them.

With all this being said, I’m hoping for the best and preparing for the worse.
Stay tuned for my next review post.