YOUTUBE: Charity/Vlog Channel

Hey everyone! ♥

How's everyone doing?! School, work, family, life? I hope everyone's doing well! I've been really busy as of late! *sigh I will get back to replying every single comment as soon as I can :)

As you all (may) know by now, I do have a Youtube Channel. I actually started my Youtube channel before I started blogging. You can visit it here:

I recently started a new channel. It's more of a vlog/charity channel. It's currently not partnered with Google/Youtube so there is ZERO revenue as I speak now. However, once it is partnered, it will have its revenue sharing benefits! So instead of keeping revenue I earn from making videos on this channe, I will be donating the accumulated amount to a charity!  YAY!! *Claps Hands*

There's good news! The first video has already received an invite from Youtube meaning IF the application is approved, we can already start accumulating funds for a GREAT CAUSE!! =) I'm very very excited and this is all thanks to EACH and EVERY VIEWER!! 

So please, 
Subcribe and Comment!

Here are links to the two videos I recently Uploaded:



Let's work together and give back to our communities!!

Thank you!! xoxo!!