REVIEW: Daiso Eyelashes w/ Glue #1

What is this Product? 
Daiso False Eyelash with Glue (Cross Type) #1
One Pair
Eyelash: Made in China
Eye Glue: Made in Korea

Directions of Use (As instructed on the packaging) 
1. Make upward of the eyelashes by curler.
2. Cut the false eyelashes in proper size by tweezers
3. Glue inside of the false eyelashes and dry (approx. 10seconds) Stick false eyelahses on the end (1mm) of the eyelashes
4. Remove the false eyelashes carefully by hand from the tail of the eye and keep in a case
Do not wash with water. Do not remove roughly
Stop using in case of happening troubles on the eyes or eyelids.
Keep away from children
Keep in clean place.

$2 CAD plus Vancouver Sales Tax 13% = $2.26CAD

Without Lashes: 

With Lashes:

Everyone seems to love how Daiso has TONS of eyelashes to choose from so when my boyfriend visited, he grabbed me a few pairs too. This is just one of them. For my Daiso Haul post, please see here.

In terms of the packaging, I find that its very average. Similar to typical Korean/China eyelash containers. Compared to Japanese Packaging, obviously, not as appealing. I also wished that they had better English translation. I typed it directly in the "Directions of Use" section, and you can easily pick out the errors.

I never really have cross types so I really like these. They were light and the lash band was very easy to manipulate. I didn't have any trouble putting these on. I also don't find them weighing on my eyelids. =)

The design of these are very long but because its not dramatic or full in volume, they gave me a natural look and I find my eyes looking more mesmerizing =)

For about $2 a pair, I guess it's alright. I'm also aware of Ebay China Lashes for $1 (10 pairs), but I must admit, they are not the best quality. I think this pair of eyelashes are pretty good in quality so I think that $2 a pair is worth it. I can definitely reuse these for a few more times =)

The package came with a glue, but I never really used it because I'm never too fond of glues that came with "affordable" eyelashes. These products are after all for our eyes, so I usually prefer to use my own lash glue instead.

Overall: ♥♥♥♥♥
Product: 5/5 ♥ Light, Soft Lash Band, Natural Looking
Packaging: 4/5 ♥ Japanese packaging still beats it.
Price: 4.5/5 ♥ More expensive than $1 Ebay lashes but $2 isn't bad, it's good quality.