Pray for Japan

Last night at around 2am, my twitter was filled with tweets from our fellow bloggers in Japan about feeling an earthquake. Their tweets became more and more serious and that's when I turned on CNN. Videos and footage of the disaster were being broadcasted nonstop. It was very painful to watch. I remember a few scenes, it appeared just like movies, where cars are trying to escape the tsunami hit and were wiped out before our eyes. Live footages, of people dying right before us. It's really really scary. Then, the helicopter was shooting more footages of more tsunami waves were coming in to the coast again. The speed of these waves were unreal. I watched in horror, I still cannot believe it. It happened LIVE when I was sitting comfortably at home. It makes me wonder how fortunate I have been, while others are striving to survive.

Today, I woke up to finally seeing organizations have been formed and help from countries worldwide are offering help to Japan. I wondered what I can do, even if it's small effort. I tweeted to ask around what organizations are available for Canadians. (I kept seeing American charity, but I wasn't entirely sure whether my mobile network can connect)

Thank you to those who tweeted me back! (too many to name, one of them was Emily from The process was really easy and I do urge you, who's reading to help as well. I once thought that a bit of help from me, a person of little impact, won't do a lot of helping. However, with thousands of "people of little impact", we can really make a difference! Social Media, Cell Phones, Online Payments all made donating help REALLY EASY.

Method 1: 

Method 2: 
You can do online payments or by phone (1-800-418-1111). I clicked online payments via iphone. It's available for Blackberries and other devices as well. You can choose payment via Credit Card or Paypal. After your donation is made, they will also send an electronic copy to your email including tax returns etc. Here're some printscreens I made of my phone to give you an idea how easy it was.

I'm sure there are probably more methods of helping. Here are just two, please help in whichever method you can. Some people in Japan are still struggling to even get home, and some no longer have a home to return to. 

Believe in Good Karma, please donate.