MAG SCAN - POPTEEN April 2011 - Designer Wallets

Downloaded the Popteen April 2011 Issue last night to get some inspirations for outfits and make up. I came across from these 4 pages and itched for a new wallet. Apparently,  your wallet choice is supposed to be a sign of good luck or good fortune for the year. My current wallet is getting slightly dirty due to wear. I don't want to wear it down entirely so I think I'm going to invest another one to ease of the load for my current one.

I usually love long sized wallets so this spread is my FAVOURITE ever!!! =)) 

Here are my favourites:
1) Chanel Pink (featured on the second page)
2) Liz Lisa Long Wallet. Super affordable compared to other brands at around $90 USD

I like the baby pink for Anna Sui too but I'm not too fond of butterflies. I usually like Samantha Vega, I always take forever to walk through their stores. However, the featured products doesn't stand out too much to me. 

Which ones are your favourites?