Do You Love Shoes? The Bata Shoe Museum

MAIN ROOM: All About Shoes

These are for breaking nuts =) Literally, they were to break nuts to make juices or jams! LOL 

Tools and Step to Make Shoes

Did you know Shoes were a Symbol for Social Status??

Some Traditional Shoes..



There were also shoes for different Religions as well! 


Smell my stinky foot :)

They talked about different materials such as cotton, wool, yarn and more. It's super cute!! =) 

And also talked about all the different kinds of socks around the world =D

A photo is worth a thousand words. 

3RD ROOM: Beauty, Identity and Pride

This room puts me in awe. It was a very dark room and made me pay a lot more attention than usual. 
Then, that's when I noticed that every color i see on the shoe was actually beaded. Crazy Art Work and Skills!! 

4TH ROOM: Art in Shoes

This is absolutely my favorite room. I love the buildings and fashion of the Medieval Times as well as  the 16th to 18th centuries. Although I don't like how they separate social hierarchies but the fashion truly inspires me. I would love to visit places or countries that still have buildings built from those times. 

Wedding shoes

This is a Pop Art creation. 

I actually almost made this display fall over because I thought the card can turn 360, but it can't. 
Scary... Good thing no one was there.

Here are the INFO for the Museum:
NAME: The Bata Shoe Museum
Location: 327 Bloor St. West

I would probably give it 2-3 hours if you read EVERY thing. If you would like to just go through it quickly, 1 hour is enough :) I had a lot of fun that day. My bf and I actually bought discounted tickets off WagJag so it was 50% off. $14 for 2 Adult Admissions. :) I think it was such a good deal for our little date! 

Afterwards, we went to shop at Holt Renfrew and some of the designer boutiques on Bloor. Love this area! =D

Update: March 24th, 2011
This is really silly and cute. My boyfriend and I actually did these worksheets at the museum where you basically spot items and answer questions. At the end, you get a diploma! However, they were meant for kids and I didn't know until we went to redeem them at the front desk! *sigh. 
Rosmarie, Public Relations and Marketing Manager, is so kind and sweet! After she knew about it, she told me she will have that set aside for me when I arrive at the Museum next time. So sweet!! =) I can't wait till they have new exhibitions! I will certainly visit again!