Super sick today :( and missed out on a Toronto Blogger meet up *sigh
I laid in bed all day so I decided to edit some photos from before. My boyfriend looks somewhat uncomfortable in the above photo. hahah! 

Urban Behaviour Cropped Military Jacket with Removable Faux Fur Collar
H&M Picnic Pattern Dress 
Old Navy Leggings
Braided hair with DIY Picnic Pattern Fabric Strings

Black Chocoolate (H.K. Brand) Hooded Plaid Shirt
U.L.C.S Jeans (Taiwan Brand)
White Belt

HAHA! Now, that's for always squishing my cheeks. I was going to post a more, um, not twisted face of me up but I figured the face in the 3rd picture is quite entertaining. So Enjoy!! 

The Boyfriend is going to leave to Hong Kong for about a year or so by this April. So, for the next 2 weeks, we're trying to take more photos of our couple outfits. We currently also entered a contest where we made a commercial for a product (can be made up). We planned many dates and activities to do as well so we can enjoy each other's presence. This is going to drive me crazy..*sigh, how do people handle long distance relationships anyways? I can't even imagine. =/ 

If you haven't noticed, my favourite Disney character is Stitch. We have a lot of Stitch stuff around the house =PP We use these to fight =) hehe. 
The weather has been really great for Friday and Saturday so far, I hope everyone's having a great weekend!

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