Bubzbeauty's Commerical Contest - Robot Boyfriend

Thank you for watching! This is my first time doing a video entry to any contests on youtube so it's really exciting =) We both had tons of fun doing this video!! =)

For those who are wondering, yes this is inspired by the Japanese Drama: Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi)

At first, I wasn't going to go on with the idea because it wasn't very original. After talking to my boyfriend and learning that he was going to move back to HK for more than a year, he and I both decided to do it anyway.

We wanted to do something fun and memorable, long-distance relationships aren't easy to handle so we used some of these parts to recap some parts of our relationship. Humans can be forgetful, when we become really really angry, sometimes we forget the good times. =/ I hope that maybe when we do hit hard times, we can remind ourselves of happy moments.

Lastly, I hope this video doesn't send a wrong message. We, girls, dont need to have a boyfriend to make our lives perfect. It's important to have self love. Love yourselves, Respect yourself =)

I hope you all enjoyed the video! =))


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