SWATCH: MAC Wonder Woman Collection

Hey Everyone! ♥
Sorry these photos are not up to par with my other blog posts. These are actually items I swatched when I got a chance to visit my cousins last week. She buys the newest MAC stuff all the time, I don't know why she isn't a Beauty Blogger, seriously! Anyway, she let me play and swatch her items so here they are! *Please excuse my nasty nails, I was swatching like everything at her house LOL.

♥ Enjoy! ♥

MAC Wonder Woman Lady Justice Eyeshadow Quad
Lady Justice - Insurmountable - Deep Truth - Bold Babe
To be honest, I'm quite disappointed with this eyeshadow quad. I really do like Lady Justice the most. The color that was disappointing was Insurmountable. It's matte and not pigmented whatsoever. 

MAC Wonder Woman Amazon Princess Blush Duo
I actually really really like this. I dont have this pink color, it reminds me of a lavender pinkish color. I also love the other color in the duo. It reminds me strongly of a Chanel Lipgloss I own from ages ago called: Scintillance
If I have the chance, I might pop by and purchase this. Or, I hope to find this at a MAC Sale. haha

MAC Wonder Woman Lipglasses: Emancipation
The packaging and the volume of the applicator is rediculously HUGE! I don't find that this color stands out to me but I would probably buy the packaging. It's rather unique from all the other MAC Lipglasses!

That's it, a short post haha. I'm a huge huge fan of MAC products but I do enjoy their limited editions every now and then.
So this is for those who loves MAC :)