Step Up Your Game, I Have 60 Seconds.

Fur Jacket
Pink Leather Belt
HM Polka Dot Dress
Old Navy Black Leggings
Bling Bling rings
DIY Swarovski Bracelet
DIY Pearl Bracelet
DIY Swarovski Necklace
Ardene Zipper Flower Headband

In 2008, I was in Hong Kong and I believe I told my aunt I wanted a ToyWatch. I guess she didn't know how to differentiate so she ended getting me the iWatch, which isn't much cheaper to be honest. I checked the price at that time, and it was still 75% of the retail price of a ToyWatch. I never blamed her of course, it was such a pleasant surprise welcome gift from her. :) and I still wear it today!

Thank you to all the comments about travel photos from my last post. I will certainly dig them out from my computer! I love looking at past pictures too, it brings back happy memories. =)

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