LUUUX: I Placed An Order. Time to Say Goodbye

Let's say this is my little Valentine's gift for myself =)
After long weeks and months of this tedious lifestyle, finally able to place an order!
Here is the step by step of the order procedure. I'm pretty sure I won't see this again =P

Now, I have to go through 9- 12 days for them to process my order, aka go through all my posts. I've seen people wait up to 1 month for it to process then have it shipped out. I've also seen people who was totally not spamming posts and was denied and have to go through the order process again. Anyways, if you are curious as to how everything goes, stay tuned. I'll post again when there's an update :) 

UPDATE: Feb 16, 2011
Wow! To my surprise, my order is now processing! I was expecting to wait about 2 weeks until they even start my order. I wonder how many days I would have to wait until they finish processing! Stay Tuned for the next update!

UPDATE: Feb 17, 2011
Woohoo, the process of auditing my account has been completed. Yay! I'm really happy that it was completed within 3 days. I wonder whether this means that my Sigma Brushes has been sent out! I'm so excited!!