This totally ages me. I think I will get wrinkles from this. Thus, I never wink at anyone. Ever. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their new year if you are celebrating it! For me, especially in Toronto, I feel like it's not festive at all. I had a regular yet productive day at school and came back late thus this post is also late. =((

Every time my boyfriend's parents comes back from Hong Kong, they bring back SO much stuff. And they are the funniest when they buy things. They got all these Chinese New Year stuff from the Festivals in Hong Kong. So cute!! Along with other things they got from the festivals, its not too related so I didn't show them here. Last year, they bought back a lot of tiger stuff for the Year of the Tiger. This year, it's all Bunnies. 

Like every year, they bring back at least a whole luggage of stuff for me. I was so excited I tweeted some of the stuff on twitter already but I am definitely going to post about this HUUUUUGE Haul mwahhaah =D And I can finally show you guys my entire Melliesh collection, too. ***SOO EXCITED*** I hope I have time to post all of these because it's midterms soon! Ahhh. 

Have a Bunniful Year!!