HAUL: Collective Haul and Hong Kong Haul

Hello ♥
First of all, sorry!!! That's because I said I will post all the details of the outfit this week but I'm jamming you all with a haul post. But, I'm a little too excited so I have to post this right away!!


I finally set foot into the world of LUSH! I never ever used their products before because I always thought why am I paying so much money on bath bombs when I make them for myself and friends? However, I never even went into their stores and I only stopped myself because of their website. So since Valentines is quickly approaching, I figured I'll give myself a little treat =) The SA there was sooo nice to me and showed me like a complete tour!! Like I said, I always made Bath Bombs at home, but the LUSH tour gave me lots of new inspirations!! xD

ps, I will be posting a Valentines DIY gift tutorial soon!! woohoo!!!

I purchased:
1) Think Pink Bath Bomb for $3.95
2) Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar for $5.95
*Kinda pricy for a one time use but it was sooooo cuteeeee. I think I'm going to film it when it all bubble/fizz up hehe =)

Toronto Beauty Bargains
So this is kinda collective. I actually posted all over Twitter and Luuux already. But I didn't want to bombard my blog with little hauls here and there so here we are now :)

Shoppers Drug Mart:
A local SDM had a $5 GOSH, Boots, No.7 sale. I went 3 different days and stuff are still there. Do you wanna see what's at the $5 sale? Click here. I bought a blush on the first day, see here. Then the 2nd time I went back, I got a pigment, lip pencil and a loose powder. See here. I never tried GOSH stuff before so I'm REALLY excited =)

Sally's Beauty Supply:
I only go here once in a blue moon because I find their nail supplies really, really over priced.  Buy off me, my prices are cheaper! lol xD ANYWAY, I went because I saw a blog post about $10 goodie bags and so I went to my local one hoping to find the same deal. FULL STORY CLICK HERE. I feel super repetitive typing the same thing like 4-5x because I was just telling my friends this =___=''  I do advise to see the link especially if you're in Toronto though, because you can probably get the same deals I got.

1) China Glaze Peppermint Cuticle Oil Retails $3.99, I got them for $0.50 each.

2) Seche was on promotion: Buy 1 Seche Vite Top Coat and Get 1 Seche Base Coat Free.
- Seche Vite Top Coat retailed at $11.10
- Seche Base Coat retailed at $9-10 (can't rmb now)
I got both for just $11.10 plus tax so around $12. This was pretty amazing because I've been eyeing the top coat for SOOOO long (ever since I started blogging). And ebay retails the Seche Vite Top Coat for around $8 with shipping. I hardly sees this being sold anywhere else. $6 for a top coat is pretty much a drugstore price so I'm super happy. Can't wait to use it!!!

3) Real Colours Baked Trio Eyeshadow
Retailed $8, I got them for $2 each.
I actually was just going to get the Sally Girl Baked shadows beause I never tried Baked shadows before. But Sally Girl is $1.39 for one color and the ones I got was $2 for 3 colors. Never heard of this brand before though.

Lastly, the Manager also gave me a free sample.. because I'm AWESOME. just kidding. I have no idea why, because I never got any samples before from Sally's =P

Obviously, I didn't fly an overnight trip to HK. But boyfriend's parents just flew back for Chinese New Year and bought me back a full luggage ^___^. They LOVE me mwhaha.

I've been using sheet masks and mud masks everyday. I'm really anal about moisturized and brightened skin (because it's Winter).   Let's list them all :)

Top Row:
1. LOVE MORE - Rose Crystal & Tourmaline Peptide Moisturizing Du Lifting Mask 5 pieces - $40 HKD
2. My Beauty Diary - Red Wine Mask 10 pieces - $48 HKD
3. Melliesh Lipglosses - $68HKD each
4. Maybelline Hello Kitty Mascara Limited Edition
5. Canmake Cream Blush #9 Limited Edition - $68 HKD
6. My Beauty Diary - Platinum + Pearl Lift Stretch Mask 8 pieces - $53 HKD
7. LOVE MORE - Diamond Whilte 5 pieces - $35 HKD

Bottom Row:
1. LOVE MORE - Electric Ore Masks 5 pieces - $40 HKD
2. Forget-Me-Not - Q10 Moisturizing Face Mask 12 pieces - $66 HKD
3. Forget-Me-Not - Anti-Freckles Whitening Mask 12 pieces - $66 HKD

I am strokedddd!! hahahah! I love everything! I ordered 2 Hello Kitty Mascaras actually. My mom has the other one right now, she bought it around October for me in Shanghai but she doesnt come back until March. and my Melliesh collection is finally all with me now =) I'll show you my collection at the bottom of this post =))

A little postdated since I already posted the VIVI Feb Japanese Issue. Anyway, this one is the Hong Kong issue, should be interesting =) The Popteen is something new for me because I never ever owned a Popteen magazine. I really like it so far. This one has all the TOP 2010 make up. I'm loving it. And as I was reading, I found out that Canmake's Cream Blush #10 and #11 debuted on Feb 2nd. Damn it, and I just got #9 =( boohoo, should've waited.

Stockings and Leggings. I have a fetish. I think I own way to many of these. I prefer wearing these than jeans though especially during winter =)

 YAYYY! the clothessss! New Years = New Clothes!! It's becoming a tradition.

1. Bunny Hat, I think this is just for fun
2. Bunny Hoodie/Sweater, got this just for CNY
3. Floral Jumpsuit. Wanted this for really long! So Happy to finally own one =))
4. Skirt + Leggings 2in1
5. Leopard Fur Bag, this was quite a surprise from boyfriend's mom. I'm so happy with it! I wanted to get a leopard purse but never found the right one. This is perfect! Multi-wear too!
6. A bunch of leggings. My bf told me to do a leggings collection post LOL. I think that would take hours though.
7. Military pants.

My Melliesh Collection
Finally it's all home to mama. My entire Melliesh collection. It's quite an adventure. First piece (Blush #3) was given to me from Emily, it was for my birthday present back in October. Then, somewhere in December, I found out a sale at Bonjour Hong Kong. I went nuts! Seriously. I called long distance to bf's mom like ASAP to tell her to buy them for me. I also called Emily out of nowhere and hardly breathing as I was talking and almost like yelling at her to tell her to stock up! I knew her aunt was on her way to Canada at the time and since Emily and I both like Japanese make up. I know she would want to know a sale like this. Thinking back, I really am a freak =P Anyways, everything was on sale, their lipglosses, blushes and eyelashes!! Seems like eyelashes were a big hit as well. I never got any in the end because they were sold out. Bf's mom was able to get me two lipglosses (#1 and #6), she said everything was sold out at the location she went to. Luckily, Emily offered to help me buy some as well! So here I present to you my Melliesh collection. MWAHAHHAHA I FEEL LOVED <3 THANK YOU EMILY AND BF'S MOM!

 Left to Right:
1. Melliesh Blush #1
2. Melliesh Blush #3
3. Melliesh Lipgloss #1
4. Melliesh Lipgloss #5
5. Melliesh Lipgloss #6

Alright, enough yakking from me. Let's hear it from you! xD