CN Tower Date and dining at Horizons

As mentioend before in one of my haul posts, my boyfriends' parents came back to Toronto for a visit since it was Chinese New Year. So, the boy decided to bring his parents out to dine at Horizons (one of the restaurants at CN Tower). Luckily, it was also Winterlicious so we got a nice dinner deal =)

Since we're dining at a restaurant inside CN Tower, we had to buy tickets to go up. We purchased "Observation Experience" at the Lobby. You can look up the prices here.  After a mini tunnel walk, we go pass the security checks which was funny to me. I was in, sand for about 5-10 seconds and suddenly a HUGE gush of wind strikes my face. OMG, if only someone caught my face on camera. ROFL. 

The Appetizers we had =)

Coincidentally, we all ordered the same Main Course! It was delicious and actually really filling! 

Here is our choices for the dessert. I had the one of the left. I loved it!! 

The Sky Pod entrance that we didn't opt for. I'm not too interested in the CN tower, but since I haven't been here since it opened, I took pictures like a tourist anyway =)

I still can't believe this, I'm not afraid of heights. However, when I had my first step on this Glass Floor, my whole body was actually shaking! Eventually, I got used to it of course. =)

This would be the Gift Shop which I never had a chance to look at since it was closed by the time I got there =P 
We had a fun night anyway, it's nice to visit the City's Landmark. I know many of my readers are not from Toronto so I thought I would post this here incase you're interested in visiting Toronto =)

The mighty CN Tower from ground.

You go through this to get to the lobby and the CN Tower.

Of course, how can I finish this post without some night views of the CN Tower?

In my opinion, the night view from CN tower is not particularly fascinating to me compared to the view I saw from the Empire State Building and Taipei's 101. However, I never take what I have for granted. The fact that I live in a City with a world recognized landmark as such, I'm quite proud. 

I do suggest that they make the tour of CN tower more updated (renovate the posters) or interesting by adding more activities in there. When I was in Empire State building, they had displays of a fashion event and many tiny exhibitions. And Taipei's 101 was filled with things to do!! I took so many pictures and had so much fun in there, definitely crazy memories that I took home and something I can look back on! 

By the way....
 is anyone interested in my travel pictures from Tokyo (Japan), Taipei (Taiwan) and Seoul (Korea)? I visited many countries in Asia during 2008-2009. It was filled with money-blowing trips but definitely an eye opener. Let me know in your comments =D