Wrap Up: Toronto Blogger/Guru Meet Up

Sometime in November, I organized a small get-together with fellow Toronto bloggers! Since it was held around the holidays and exams, it did make it a bit hard for some of them to come. =((

The girls who came out were:
Emily from www.thiswasforever.com
Rica from http://icyswirls.blogspot.com
Michele from http://www.youtube.com/user/rubanxrose and http://amusedd.blogspot.com/

I know some of these girls wanted to come out too but due to life priorities, they couldnt :( I wish I met you ALL!!! 
so, I'm showing some Blog Link Love for those who weren't able to make it :(
Natalie from http://theramblingsofashopaholic.blogspot.com/
Jessy from http://www.thelittledustprincess.com/
Lisa from http://xmaterialgirlsx.blogspot.com/
Shirley from http://blogspot.shirleyma.ca/ 
Jenny from http://skinniegenes.blogspot.com/
Rica, Michele, Me and Emily
(Photo Credits: Rica)

December 22, 2010

It was such an adventure that day! hahaha! Anyone who has met me, knows I'm a HORRIBLE driver. no joke. And, I just happen to have to drive Rica and Michele!! so funny! I picked up Rica, which wasn't a biggie for me, but I then had to pick up Michele at Jtown and that's when I started getting scared. That's because this is a bit off-route for me. I literally studied Google Maps Directions before I left the house and when there's a bit of change, I get panick attacks! So what happened was, Rica took over to drive for me while we all made up a story in case we got caught. (insurance problems etc) Rica was evidently a better and more experienced driver than I was hahaha! and Michele was like "I gotta pee, i hope I'm not disgusting you guys but i really gotta pee" HAHAHA hilarious! *sorry for making you wait sooo long Michele!!*

The food we ordered at Moxies 
(Photo Credits: Rica)

(Photo Credits: Rica)

At last, we arrived at Yorkdale safe and sound :) we shop shop shopped and ate food at Moxies. and then Emily us at this point. it was nice to talk about almost anything and nice to meet new friends and so on :) :)

This is the secret santa gift I got from Rica, other than the MAC, I havent tried anything here so I'm quite excited. I didn't really get a chance to see what everyone got (more like it slipped my mind now) so if you went, I better see your post!! :)

We also got to do our gift exchange :) It was soooo cute!! Each of us put in a mysterious item of our own into a bag. Then one by one we just draw an item out. This way, we avoid picking our own. Also, we don't know what item belonged to who. It was super cute!! Loved this idea :)) 
I got Rica's, Rica got Emily's, Emily got Michele's and Michele got mine :)

ps, Emily and I did our own Christmas Gift Exchange. She always out do me, I always feel terrible X.x''
You will be able to see what she got me on the next post :) She put it in the CUTEST gift bag EVER!
*See below, the reindeer bag. OMG, so cute right?!?!?!?&

Full Body Photo
Such a cute picture, I actually find this picture cuter because Rica happened to blink in here!
(Photo Credits: Rica)

Rica, Me, Michele.
(Photo Credits: Rica)

I had so much fun meeting you guys. I always say this but can you believe it? Blogging really connects you and you can truly make friends. 

Thank you all so much. Fellow bloggers and followers and anyone who drops by my blog every now and then. Thank you for being such wonderful people, you all make my online journey a BLAST!