Here are all the printscreens I have taken from this "stolen" post.
 I swear, it was pure coincident that I found it. I mean, my review on these lenses are quite recent and I guess she posted right away which made me notice it much quicker. 

I was so shocked and agitated when I saw it. First I'm shocked because I didn't expect my content to be so "catching" this is because usually the stolen posts I see are off top-notch bloggers. I guess maybe since I'm a small potato blogger, she doesn't see me as harmful? Don't know and don't want to assume.

Another reason why I'm shocked was because, the ONLY original word / idea that isnt copyrighted is the "Contacts?" title she has written. Otherwise, there's nothing, NOTHING AT ALL, that is hers. I spent HOURS writing this review on circle lenses. It took me LITERALLY 6 HOURS, from photo taking, editing photos, make up, remove make up, research and writing it up. 6 HOURS. (im slow and put a lot of detail into my blog). 

.. I feel like all of that is taken away from me when people steals my content without ANY sort of link crediting. 

It was ALL MY CONTENT. Pictures and EVERY single word there. 
Lastly, of course, there's not a sourced link either!

I was thinking.. are you serious? I mean, you copied the whole thing, it wouldn't hurt to at least copy my URL and SOURCE it right?

Anyway, I have reported to Luuux. I don't know if actions are taken but, I also commented just now on this post (while giving her 1 $LUUUX).

I commented because I refreshed the page 5 hours after and saw LIKES and COMMENTS on this post. I cant take it and had to say something. I mean, this girl is earning LUUUX points, taking credits for my work! So I figured I needed to say something! And of course, I printscreened that too here, just incase she DELETES it. 

Sorry everyone for such a Ranty post and all these random CAPPED words. So unlike my regular, formatted, proof-read post. I'm not ME.
 I'm angry >:(!!

Update: Jan 15, 2011 2:35PM
Within 24 hours, a Luuux staff named "S Mak" has taken action to delect the reported post. I tried the link out and it is missing already. I'm really glad they actually take action. So please do report all copyright infringements! It makes Luuux a better environment and of course, happy bloggers!