I bought my Domain!!

It's Official!!!! At last, I finally purchased my domain off Blogger/GoDaddy for $10USD. My blog, blog comments module (Disqus) and many links are in transition and being migrated.

It's a semi-hectic moment for me because, 5 minutes ago, my heart just dropped. I thought I lost ALL of my blog comments. Every single one of those comments you posted means a lot to me!! and I show that by replying almost 99% of them! Thank goodness the people at Disqus replied my tweet and I found out I can migrate it. Anyways, things are under control *phew* There are currently 0 comments on most of my posts, but they will return eventually if I did everything correctly in settings. =)

Thank you for all your support! I wouldn't have bought the domain if I didn't feel this comfortable in my internet home. If you happen to have my blog link in your sites or blog roll please make a small change =)

Please change 


Thank you!!